Acquaintances of Gary Busey are not the least bit surprised that he filed for bankruptcy because he’s “never had a good grip on his finances.” “Gary still spends and acts like he’s an A-list star” we were told. Gary was nominated for an Oscar for “The Buddy Holly Story” in the late 70’s, followed by a number of successful movies like ”Lethal Weapon.” After that, his income went down, but his spending DIDN’T. He’s never owned a house because he always had bad credit. But he HAD to keep up “the image” so he RENTED a (modest) Malibu house for years, and drove a 20 plus year old Mercedes. Recently Gary got lucky and clicked on the reality show circuit (above, Gary on Celebrity Wife Swap) and made some money, but “spent it like the big star he isn’t any more.”



  1. This is not rare. Look at every star that used to be big that is now broke (hello MC Hammer and probably every 80s hair band except KISS). I don’t think people should make that much money without some financing classes. Hell, even without all that money, financing classes help manage what you do have. Or, just watch Dave Ramsey or Suzy Ormond. It is not rocket science.

  2. I totally agree with Dragonfly.

    I hate to see 67 year old Busey have to scramble for money after all these years. If you look at his imdb page, you see where he has worked fairly steady throughout the years. Some of the movies may not have been even B level but I am sure he may some money on them. Plus, he has done commercials throughout the years too.

    Anyone ever notice that he has the same type of nervous energy that Tom Arnold always had?

  3. Walt, isn’t that sort of nervous energy called “cracked”!?

  4. How is Suzie taken serious with her finacial advice when her female lover gave her money when they broke up? Suze reinvented herself as a financial advisor when she was just a pussy licker. What does she really know about money managing if she didn’t built it herself, it was just given.

  5. well, he found money in his wollen sock to buy new dentures again?

  6. Patrick, I chalked it up to drugs for awhile too. However, at the times when they are/were clean, the nervous, jittery energy is still there and still distracting. It doesn’t wear well with those who have certain addictions.

  7. I loved Gary in The Buddy Holly Story, but he’s never struck me as the brightest light on the Christmas tree. He has two children under the age of 13, I think, including a toddler, so they’re the ones who will suffer unless somebody takes over the money that he earns in the future and just gives him an allowance. It won’t kill him.

  8. Suze is a card carrying lesbo who gives out standard advice that really has little merrit. Send her to Gay Island and put her in charge of the treasury at your own risk!

  9. I definately see that aspect, Walt.
    Gary’s surprisingly…still alive.

  10. PS: I run a charter boat service to Gay Island!
    Welcome aboard!
    I can give you a very personal tour of all the hot spots….

  11. It sounds like Strom is soliciting business for his special island. I bet he has a special website too. Sicko.

  12. As for poor Gary, he has had serious brain damage due to a motorcycle accident that he “says” he “died” in. His eye looks wierd on one side now from the facial damage. I think that a lot of drug use screwed him up royally too. He proved what a lunatic he was having that last kid at his age, let alone his earning power.

    I admit I watched the Wife Swap show with him just to see what was going on with him, and he’s as crazy as he ever was, & more so. So is his “wife” who he is not married to. They don’t feel like they need to be married. Maybe she didn’t want to marry him because of his money issues? But why be so stupid to bring that baby into the world at his age and his effed up condition? She should have known better.

    Also, what ever happened to his look-a-like son that was in bad horror movies? Don’t you hate how just because someone is famous their kids get an automatic “in” to show biz?

  13. Why do you have to live high on the Hog…There is only 3 of you and it is better to down size in life!

  14. Your a Star and you make more money in Ten years them I have made my whole life…If you have bad credit buy a house give them money and pay to buy instead of renting? To Rent Homes instead of pay into one is Weird to me.

  15. Sometimes people want to sport and show the world what Rich is and when the money is gone the leaches hit the road.. Blood suckers out there but the good thing is family and your lovely lady and your handsome young son…..Something good is waiting down the road…But you could down size to a 2 bedroom or even 3…..

  16. I just thank god for a roof over my head and cloths on my back and all my bills paided but my credit is not garbage but why is it you did not take the money and pay off your bad credit and make things right instead of trying to spend beyond your means and go broke while doing it?

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