“Friends” of Katy Perry and Russell Brand seem to be leaking lots of stories about their divorce to the press and it’s hard to know who to believe. When they were photographed on different continents at Christmas we KNEW the marriage was in serious trouble. Still, it WAS shocking when Russell filed for divorce this week and it seemed like an ungentlemanly thing to do. In civilized break-ups, the wife is encouraged to do the filing. But TMZ sources say that Katy WANTED Russell to file because of her religious beliefs, and they both planned to be out of town when he did it. Why Russell would choose to be in London – the only place with almost as many paparazzi as Hollywood, is unclear. When you think about it, maybe it wasn’t a good idea for a minister’s daughter to marry an admitted former heroin, alcohol, and sex addict in the first place.


  1. Not a good idea????
    They both got more coverage during their wedded bliss than if solo. Did not the marriage happen around the time of release of Ms. Perrys’ album + a slew of horrible movies Mr. Brand had a hand in. Attention Whores….

  2. Tell them “quisha”

    These 2 are no talents and hopefully will quickly become a footnote in the world of entertainment. Let them go JC and dont bring them back!

  3. I love Katy Perry’s music and her concerts are a shitload of good fun.

    Her husband isn’t my cup of tea but hopefully they are content with their separation and can remain friends on some level. I bet they made great lovers and thought it would translate into marriage. I think she was a wonderful influence on him.

    Breakups are so very sad.

  4. One-man, one woman, FOR LIFE. That is the marriage promise.

    They should have laws against divorce to force breeders to respect the sanctity of marriage.

    Why isn’t Santorum proposing that? Make divorce a crime.

  5. It is too bad, but it definately could have been worse. They could have done something really foolish, like have children. No harm, no foul, I guess!

  6. Never liked his particular “Brand” of humour.
    Happy New Year REta!

  7. Divorce should NEVER be a crime. What happens to the poor woman that marries a man that turns out to be a pediphile or wife beater? You want to punish the wife?

    What if a wife was screwing everyone on the block and snorting everything she could cram up her nose? Do you think the husband should suck it up and not try to get out of the marriage to the slut?

  8. I say nonsense because she sings songs about making out with girls and having threesomes. I thought it was good girl wanting to did herion and be a sex addict.

  9. Russell is an asshole, she was too good for him. It’s a case of her being attracted to the “bad boy” and him not being able to change his assholish ways.

  10. I like her okay, much easier to take than that horror, Gagme! Brand is a total BORE and I hope he disappears immediately with his poor excuse for a career.

    Entertainers, for some reason, seem to ruse into marraige way too quickly today and then within such short times are announcing their divorces. I’m always glad when they haven’t had time to create a child that will be caught up in their bullshit.

  11. hello is correct. Katy’s stuff on YouTube is raunchy and laced with vulgarities. She’s no better than Russell who looks like satan would be pictured.. 🙁

  12. He’s creepy and never has been funny. She has big boobs. That’s all I see.

  13. He is beyond gross-there is not one attractive thing about him. She pretends to be a good girl but she marries a total pig like him and sings disgusting songs. I don’t buy her act for a minute!

  14. the signals were so clear for katy: DON’T EVER MARY A FAGGOT/ASS KISSER LIKE HIM!!

  15. Russ is a wash out who might have been born that way and Katie is a double edge sword ’cause she has ‘religion’ as a cover up to a marketing camPAIN that sells her body more than her music. Sex sells but I’m sick of that saying being true, aren’t you?

    Give us MUSICIANS like The Beatles and The Police. Not like Gary Glitter…and we all know how HE turned out. Sad, he reminded me of Benny Hill and I loved that tv show. But I love men, not boys.

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