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While her ex-boyfriend George Clooney frolicked in Cabo San Lucas with Stacy Keibler and friends Cindy Crawford and Randy Gerber, Elisabetta Canalis went to the 70% off sale at Fred Segal. Not so long ago Elisabetta was in Stacy’s shoes, enjoying the good life with George…

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  1. I may actually take this broad a tad bit serious if she didn’t have that Pamela Anderson tramp stamp on her arm. She needs to follow Kat Von D and get the heck rid of this tattoo, STAT!!

    Good for her though, she must have a very healthy self esteem to keep such a brave face amidst all of the Clooney/Keibler publicity.

  2. send her back to Italy…she will only become a high priced hooker or a reality whore here.

  3. Hmmm. Gonna have to agree with Patrick on this one—and his often-expressed pronouncement that, appearances to the contrary, Clooney really is “Hollywood’s Biggest Pussy Hound.”*

    *Canadian-to-American Translation Note:
    North of the border, “Pussy” is the term for “Knob,” and “Hound” translates to “Gobbler.”

  4. “Not so long ago Elisabetta was in Stacy’s shoes, enjoying the good life with George…”

    I had to laugh out loud when I read Janet’s last line. How catty of you.

    Perhaps, she will find someone that she loves and continue to move forward.

  5. Those pants are so unattractive. Looks like something Gillian would have worn on the island.

  6. I hope George and his family are so proud of this reputation he has earned and is still earning.

  7. What rep does he have?

    Ouch janet, who is taking u on vacation for the holidays?

  8. Hey Meg, thanks for the info. I never would have guessed Ms. Canalis would be such a serious fan of Eminem!

  9. Plain looking, not very bright, way too thin, no talent, not employed…go back home girl.

  10. Exactly WHAT does she do for a living anyway? All that plane hopping, shopping, and just hanging out doing nothing is expensive. Her arms ARE too thin, her pants ARE too droopy, the tat IS hideous. Why ANY pretty woman would take from her beauty with a permanent thing like that is beyond me, and I even did so myself at 29, but at least I had mine removed years later. Looking at the unblemished nude body of a gorgeous woman, like say, Dita Von Teese in her act, is art in its’self. It would be an entirely different thing if she were covered in crap like Kat Von D. I think Kat is beautiful too, but her body art detracts from her beauty, not enhances it. What a shame she didn’t know that when she started putting it all over herself.

  11. She must still be bleeding Goergie dry. Altho I thought when he kicked them to the curb, he gave them a one-time mass $amount and that was it. Maybe she works at an escort service? LOL

  12. Why do we have to keep seeing this liberal jackass (Georgie) all the time? He is just gross.

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