1. Tat’s a very beautiful picture of a gorgeous and sexy woman, Dita Von Teese. She’s got it down. I wonder what she plans to do when she starts getting a bit long in the tooth? I wonder if she can act? It would be cool to have her do a movie like the old time Hollywood glamour that she fits so well into. I’d love to watch something like that and can’t believe no one has put something together yet.

  2. And Janet, might I add to your “let’s all have…” premise…a racistless gaybashingless New Year?! I therefore heartily suggest you block strom and Gerard Vandenburg from your site this year. They have polluted your site long enough, don’t you think? Give them the ol heave ho! With a high-heeled pointy-toed Louboutin!

  3. Happy New Year everyone! Even you strom. You entertain me with your anti-pc rants.

  4. I would generally agree with Reta on principle, BUT

    as Strom is such a weak minded, drooler of a racist – and also, as his silly absurdist diatribes are so unintentionally funny, in that horrid way that soiled drunks can be funny, we should keep him on as an object lesson for all of us in tolerance.

    Happy New Year to all the Posters, Cheers ! Oh .. not everyone in the UK loves Russell Banks, some of us think he’s a mwamby twat.

  5. I wish all my friends:

    A happy healthy prosperous 2012!!!

    🙂 0 🙂 0 🙂

  6. Amazing personal attacks as the year ends by the Enabler’s wing of the gallery.

    Hopefully the new year will bring peace and prosperity to all those who are willing to reach for it.

  7. To compare Dita Von to stars of old Hollywood is as ridiculous as calling Kim Kard an “actress”.

  8. Happy New Year To All OF You!
    This is the year I… GET… REta!!
    Come on REta, your kiiilling me.
    Just once, pat me on the head and tell me I’m good.

  9. she was SO much prettier as a blond which I think she may have been naturally…..i don’t get the big hype around DVT…..I have seen some of her soft core porn and am not impressed…..who the hell is she, where did she come from and why is she ‘famous’ anyway?

    none the less
    The Happiest Of this Year to ALL <3
    love licks woofs and snuzzies from US in The Bay A-rea!! Here is hoping all abandoned dogs in need of loving forever homes find their new families ASAP!

  10. Nice sentiment re: homeless pets PitBull. May they all find their forever homes.

    May all have a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

  11. I have a love/hate thing for DVT. I love Burlesque but I hate porn. And from the videos I saw they were not ‘soft’ porn (sex toys and fetish sex). Personally she’s attractive only with her clothes on. And with loads of make up. Sorry, DVT. Just calling it as I see it.

  12. I don’t know, that’s a pretty shapely leg she’s raised up there and the rest, as they say, ain’t so bad either. I think she has a beautiful and unique face and would look perfect in a vintage type movie in black and white, maybe Tarantino could put something for her to star in. A thriller/mystery type would be perfect. She could even do her champagne glass act in it!

  13. Dita’s head is weirdly shaped, jaw too large, and too big for her body. She dresses like beaver cleavers mon and you say she is classy. I just do not get why this person is always on your website.

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