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Katie Holmes has a tiny smile on her face as she walks out of her lawyer’s office in New York. She’s no doubt pleased that lawyers for both sides are hoping to settle all the aspects of the divorce and avoid court time. It’s a good place to start. Meanwhile, Tom Cruise’s Scientology friends are spreading the story that Katie was an enthusiastic member of the “church” and that Scientology isn’t an issue in the divorce. Sure. Meanwhile, an internet battle is taking shape. The church of Scientology is attacking web sites that write unfavorable things about them by encouraging large numbers of members to complain about “offensive content “ on certain sites and get them shut down. We have our fingers crossed that it won’t happen to us.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. Her smile looks forced. The things that were discussed between both parties would probably shock even the most seasoned divorce attorneys. There is no telling what kind of emotional & mental ammo that they use.

    Those cult members are a creepy bunch of ba$_ard$.

  2. Isn’t ironic for a group of people who call themselves a religion that they’re among the most evil?!

  3. She looks perturbed. (She is worried about something that is happening or is going to happen……?)

  4. She looks stupid with those boots on in 100 degree heat.

  5. actually @ Kitty, its not ironic in the least really …

    As organized religions have enthusiastically embraced, as a central mechanism in their operations: intimidation- like the empty threats of “Lakes O Fire”, centuries of liturgically rationalized torture, mob cruelty and the routine suppression of individual rights and freedoms, not to mention over a 1000 plus years of intercine warfare and a multitude (pun intended) of other crimes against humanity.

    Lets not forget Tammy Fay, Jim Jones or Himmler. The scientologist’s are merely following a grand and twisted tradition, as old and universal as prostitution, irony intended.

    They tologists fit right in, along with the racist Mormons, the 24 hr a day, cablevision money grubbing evangelists, radical islam assholes, and the equal rights denying, anti- education catholics,

    they’re all cut from the same foul cloth, and it ain’t the Shroud of Turin honey !

  6. it was actually in the mid 80’s yesterday, are the boots still stupid ?

  7. oops you’re right, it got pretty close to 100 F. mea culpa ..

  8. I feel badly for all of them. Tom trapped in a cult. Katie in a loveless marriage fighting to protect her daughter. Suri will be forever tied to the cult and the bizarre world she is growing up in.

    There are no winners in all of this. Only losers.

  9. She has worn these same boot severl times in other pics I’ve seen. Did Tiny Tommy cancel her accounts, or maybe she has just not had time to shop. I could never understand why she was ever any kind of star; she is tall, lankly, titless and rather plain looking. I guess though to Tommy she looked as if she could be moulded into his way of SCI thinking. She shouldn’t be fooled into thinking he is amicable w/ the divorce; he will use many ruses and schemes to get Suri fulltime, just as he got Connor and Bella from Nicole.

  10. Let’s not forget the fact that this whore of a wanna be actress KNEW exactly what she was doing when she got into this arranged marriage with Tom Loony Tune Cruise.

    This “acting gig” of a marriage for her has netter her MORE MONEY than any acting career would have brought here had she not gotten married.

    This has all been orchestrated from the get go.

    Janet (who is dumber than tom cruise’s butt plug) and the rest of the media are making something out of nothing because they have nothing else to talk about.

    And all of you gossip zombies are lapping it up. YOu are all fools, just like scientologist.

  11. The Little Tin Hitler (commonly known as Tommy Girl) has been using Katie all along to prove he was heterosexual and desirable. Hasn’t worked Little Tin Tommy Hitler.

  12. The Tom and Katie divorce fatigue is setting in. I really don’t need daily updates about this story which most of us knew, would happen one day.

  13. I agree,,,,enough on Kati and Suri and Tom. What Kati needs is a good night of sex with a white male. She has been looking too dowdy for too long.

  14. Has Scientology closed down Perez Hilton? I can’t get on?

  15. Stay away from that site! T/Tom/Tommy and Fred the $$$$ Goldman are known lurkers there!

  16. Isn’t this divorce between Katie and Tom? Sounds like Tom can’t fight his own battles. People usually join cults because they need the big guns to protect them from themselves.

  17. Katie is partners in fashion, she gets residuals and worked.. she makes her own money.. she’s not completely dependent on him.. and by the way they dress and maintain their appearances, it looks like Tom didn’t like them to appear at their best.. I think one of the ex’s of Tom is helping her.. also that Katie’s not afraid, just over it and tired of being under the heavy thumb of the church, Tom, his family and crazy associates monitoring and bossing her and Suri all the time.. That’s over once she declared stop.. they dare not upset Katie the tiniest bit.. hopefully, the adopted kids will seek out their mother Nicole and become friends if possible..

  18. R.D. did you think the media or Janet is going to talk about Barclay and the other sixteen banks manipulating the market. Oh what about Obamacare that is really a tax? Or the Federal Reserves 100 year term charter that ends in December? Or the fact that there isn’t any money available to pay firemen and police in Scranton, Pennsylvania so the mayor is paying them the same wage as a Home Attendant $7.25 an hr.

  19. Scranton (home of Blue Collar Joe Biden) is broke because the government employees were given such great pension and benefit plans that were totally unsupportable by the public. Look at the benefit plans all your electefd officials have voted themselves w/o your consent.

  20. Holy bejesus!!! Now you are talking strom. I am waiting for new york city to to go into anarachy and kaos because mayor bloomberg and his adm has literally stolen the cities coffers but noone see’s it or the balls to say it or special math is taught at the elites school. I would love to see nyc smug faces police officers get min wage.

  21. The whole world knows now that Scientology is a big cult with power hungry leaders that take all the members money and their minds to control them…


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