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Their relationship is officially over, but John Edwards and his mistress Rielle Hunter may have become “friends with benefits.” They split up because of John’s 30 year old daughter Cate. (Above, with her father) After Rielle’s book came out with lurid details of their affair, Cate couldn’t stomach having her father see the woman again. He had to choose between Rielle and Cate and he chose his daughter. But true to form, we hear that sneaky John and Rielle still have occasional secret hook-ups and the forbidden sex is probably more exciting than ever.

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  1. it’s pretty easy for the man.

  2. Once Cate Edwards finds out about it, there will be hell to pay.

  3. Elizabeth, John and Rielle all deserved each other….the kids are the only victims here.

  4. Edwards will never stop seeing Hunter because she is the mother of one of his children. He will always want to have a quickie with her after a visit with Quinn.

  5. John is like Bill Clinton who has cheated all during his marriage. Maybe different as Hillary prefers the taste and smell of female sex but that’s just a small matter to Bill.

  6. I think John is secretly glad that Cate demanded he choose between her and Rielle. That way he will not have to marry Rielle, and will only have to send that monthly child support check.

    And as Richard (comment above) so aptly put it, he can continue his affair w/ Rielle when he visits Quinn. And of course, he will have many many mistresses, which is apparently all he ever wanted.

    Strom: Hillary will never officially come out. It is up to the National Enquirer to keep nosing around until they catch her, much like the Star magazine caught Frank Gifford in a hotel room w/ a slut flight attendant. I hope this happens soon.

  7. John won’t be happy until he ruins his relationship with Cate. What a PIG!

  8. This story has grossed me out. They are both icky.

  9. He is a lousy father. He would pick his daughter since she is the one with money not because he loves her. The man does not love anyone just himself.

  10. Oh yeah, exciting forbidden sex is exactly what I think of when I see oily John Edwards and his shellacked hair (she said sarcastically).

  11. I hope he catches an STD from one of the many whores which will be coming soon, if not already. Then I hope he gives it to Rielle and they all fade into the sunset together. Let a relative raise the innocent Frances Quinn.

  12. I dont wish any disease on John. What about Bill and Hillary? Should Hillary catch the crabs from her Pakistani assistant?

    John is like Bill Clinton who has cheated all during his marriage. Maybe different as Hillary prefers the taste and smell of female sex but that’s just a small matter to Bill.

  13. Yes ineedy, Johnny’s johnson sho ’nuff got him in a bushel and peck(er) of trouble.

    Play now 🙂
    Pay later 🙁

    PS: It’s hotter here than the left tittie of the wicked witch of the west.

  14. Hillary was assumed to be and also known as a lesbian until she got with Bill who she thought was going places. They always had an “agreement”. The only stipulation was he wasn’t to embarrass her, which he did. That’s what really set her off, was him getting caught and the public embarrassment.

  15. He is a pig, Rielle is a pig and they deserve each other. Once a cheater, always a cheater. I feel sorry for the kids. They can’t choose their parents.

  16. @Indy
    “I hope he catches an STD ….”


    That’s a no-no Miss Indy. You know better than to wish anything bad on another person. 🙁

  17. Personally, I have never entertained the thought that Hillary might be gay. I don’t see it. I think it was a nasty rumor that has continued to breed much like that fifthy rumor about Richard Gere & Gerbil. lol

  18. For God’s Sake, let two flakes find each other, and not the rest of us.

  19. Very little doubt that Hillary is a very mean dyke. She is getting the total frumpy lesbo look the older she gets.

  20. Did anyone see the “20/20” interview Hunter did a few weeks back? Very enlightening… lots of layers to the story, w/NO one the “good guy.” Sounds like Cate is just as controlling as Elizabeth… a marriage that obviously had a great deal of angst/problems before Hunter ever came into the picture. Hunter says she would absolutely not get involved again if she had to do it over. I say, if “friends w/ benefits” works, and it’s not hurting anyone, why not? I think that Hunter and Edwards will eventually end up together… but it will be a few years down the road.

  21. ANYONE who knows Hillary will tell you that she is one mean DYKE. Just as mean as Rosie but with a sharper knife.

  22. Even my neighbors’ dogs and cats know Hillary is a lesbian. If they could talk, they’d verify this. 🙂

    I bet Elizabeth wishes something worse on her cheating louse, worse than this, and also on his mistress. This contributed to her death.

  23. On one of the tv celebrity news shows Edwards was shown having visiting day with his child at the beach. He had absolutely no interest in the child, didn’t interact with her once. Doesn’t matter what Cate demands, Edwards will do whatever he wants as long as there’s a good chance he won’t get caught.

  24. Walt, it’s not just a rumor about Hillary. A relative of mine said everybody at Hillary’s college said it was common knowledge that she was a lesbian and they were shocked when she took up with Bill. And, yes she is a mean lesbian. Her housekeeper in Arkansas said Hillary and Bill would have yelling screaming fights and she’d be throwing things, cussing like a “fishwife”. She said “The devil’s in that woman!” Meanwhile, Bill was using the Arkansas Highway Patrol who guarded them as pimps to arrange his meetings with random women. They make a lovely pair, don’t they?

  25. Bluejay, I saw that film clip of Edwards and he really seemed to have no interest in that child. I feel sorry for the baby, too.

  26. Kitty has it nailed on the very dykish Hillary. Seen any recent pictures of her you could just as well be looking at an old and frumpy Ellen. You don’t want your teenage daughter doing a sleepover when either Bill or Hillary are around!

  27. Kitty, Good for you…… Shoots down the know-nothing and the know-it-all that have had their head in the sand, or else can’t read the many true reports about Hilary being a mean big-time lesbo. I have heard Bill say that she has had more women than he has.

    BTW, Regarding the latest pics of Hil ….wow, fugly, bow wow; she has gained about 30 pounds, her hair is a mess and looks like she hasn’t showered in 3 days.

  28. Did Cate also pick out Daddy’s tie to match her dress that day?

    Too funny!! Silky Pony is such a serial hypocrite, cheater, & liar that he’s already breaking his word to Cate and sneaking out to screw “crazy slut” Rielle Moonbat! L O L

  29. Thanks Strom and Indy. Needless to say, I’m no fan of Bill and Hillary-or the Edwards bunch, either!

  30. When Rielle was on “The Talk”, Sharon Osbourne really made it known that she has absolutely NO use for her, and what she did. The hostility was so palpable that I really expected Rielle to run off the set, sobbing. She acted very bewildered at some of the questions that she was asked. She said she was nervous, and that would explain some of it, but it was a very uncomfortable thing to watch.

  31. @Miss Kitty
    I know people that know both of them too and Hillary is not gay. It’s just a vile rumor that won’t go away. People, especially Republicans, love to spread it. Beyond that, I think that men are intimidated by her intelligence and lack of glamour and therefore, perpetuate the rumor (s) about her.

    Couples fight. I imagine Bill personal antics have caused her to quarrel, scream and throw things more than once or twice. What normal person wouldn’t? She shouldn’t be labeled mean because of it.

  32. “BTW, Regarding the latest pics of Hil ….wow, fugly, bow wow; she has gained about 30 pounds, her hair is a mess and looks like she hasn’t showered in 3 days.”


    Hillary will turn 65 this autumn (2012). As a person ages, their looks fade and it is harder to keep the pounds off and more exercise is required. Plus, you never know if someone is suffering from an illness or disease and just don’t have the strength yet to put on makeup and try to satisfy those that point and accuse & name call.

  33. Thanks for the Hillary enablement but her guard keeps the rumor that she is “straight” alive. People that know and deal her know that the scent of a woman is the only thing that has ever turned Hillary on. It is not a rumor…just like it wasn’t with Whitney…..Hillary is a dyke. Her “intelligence” doesnt really intimidate anyone…it’s just a smoke screen because she is no more intelligent than the next 1,000….she uses the brazen attitude to intimidate. Few people that know here would invite her over for cookies and cream if her name was Smith.

  34. Just another politician acting like a high school brat. At least he was found out. I hope no one trusts him ever again.

  35. Wow, what a role model. He should win daddy of the year. His main focus should be raising his kids, not his flag pole down south.

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