Anyone growing up in the 80’s fondly remembers the popular show Family Ties starring Michael J Fox. Justine Bateman starred as his petulant sister Mallory and the show made her a tabloid favorite. After the series ended in 1989 she drifted out of sight and later confessed that she suffered from anorexia and bulimia. She wasn’t kidding – we remember writing a story for Star magazine about her passing out in a rigorous exercise class – she claimed she hadn’t eaten that day. While her younger brother Jason Bateman developed a successful career, Justine occasionally guested on shows, but didn’t seem all that happy in show business. She got married and had two kids but most important- at the age of 50, she graduated from UCLA with a computer science degree. Yesterday she turned up at the United Voices anti-Trump rally in Beverly Hills.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

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  1. She’s had a bunch of smaller roles over the years, and always does a good job. Loved her in “Men In Trees”. She seems to look really good and healthy!

  2. She effectively destroyed her acting career with her abysmal on-set behavior during a short-lived 90s sitcom (was it Men Behaving Bad!y?).

    She and another disgruntled costar decided to recite all their lines in a monotone during taping, to express their upset with the production staff.

    THAT gross unprofessionslism got her black-balled for a time. She did design and sell clothes for a while; not many bought.

    She and Mira Sorvino are living lives of regret. Two cautionary tales. 🙁

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