He may have gained a few pounds back, but Jonah Hill, 28, is still in good company. He’s been seeing Dustin Hoffman’s daughter Alexandra, 24, for the past few months and trying to keep it quiet, while admitting “She’s the greatest person I know!” Jonah is very friendly with the Hoffman family – he joined them on a family vacation to Hawaii. Jonah and Dustin’s kids all went to Crossroads school in LA. Since he lost 40 pounds last year, Jonah seems to have gained some back – he says his weakness is “beer.”
Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. Yup, that damn beer gets ya every time. It’s just too bad, it tastes sooo good!

    Poor Jonah, oh well, at least he’s still gettin some action. I think I like him better chubby, anyways.

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  3. Oh you so finally acknowledging that you are racist. Well that is a good step. You showing yourself proof, that is a twist.

    How in the world does this girl let this fat slob roll around on her? She is doing him a favor by letting him smell the concha.

  4. So much for Jonah’s slimming down program. It’s a shame health-wise. He looked great.

  5. Sherry-Lyne do they let you near children with that brain ?

  6. Jonah got started in Hollywood because Dustin Hoffman’s son, his friend at the time, begged his dad to give him a role in a movie. Now he is in many movies as the main star. But for the fact he is Jewish, he would have never gotten a start in Hollywood.

  7. I love and support these two fine young Hollywood Jews.



    ………I HOPE for a PIECE of MALE tail FOR A CHANGE

    …….THAT’S ALL, FOLKS!……..

  8. I can only hope ALEXANDRA HOFFMANN has some brain in her head… U can do much better, girl, forget about this imbecile…

  9. He got really full of himself during last awards season I didnt like that

  10. Why are so many people jealous of success Jews? Is it because you’re a loser?

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  12. i think people hate on Jews for the same reasons that they hate on Blacks, or Gays or Atheists or Christians, or left handed people or folks from the South, or knarly lesbians …..

    its because something is broken in them, they’ve failed, or lacked courage when they needed it or maybe they are missing something as simple as a friend.

    who knows really, but what they all have in common is fear.

    For proof, just read Strom.

  13. He sure put the weight back on quickly. For his health he needs to get it off.

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    My favorite quo
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  15. she is familiar with his weight?

  16. that’s all you got Strom ?, what a poseur, you could stand in for Scott Disik,

    Hello, meet Strom, Strom meet Hello. I’m thinking a fall wedding ?

  17. His his weakness is not beer but excessive food consumption.Too bad that he is getting fat again.As for Dustin’s daughter,she is a stubby little thing.

  18. Pound for pound, the most untalented pant-load in Hollywood. Hope he didn’t throw out all his “fat clothes” LOL.

  19. I thought I read somewhere she was Dustin’s step-daughter.

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