Yikes! Singer/songwriter Pete Doherty was a hot commodity in the 2000’s – he had style and a bad boy reputation. Plus his girlfriend was supermodel Kate Moss and that brought him a lot of credibility. His drug and alcohol abuse landed him in many awkward situations including jail, and his battle with crack and heroin broke up his band Babyshambles. He used to be sexy when he was young but now he looks puffy and debauched in this photo from Cannes It’s not pretty when you’re 33 and over the hill.

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  1. Gee-rossss, and check out the Cougar with the chin and sunglasses in the background. She’s a far cry from Kate Moss, that’s for sure!

    I must say, he was a rather nice looking man while he was with Ms. Moss. What a waste, and all in the name of drugs. I wonder what his story is? Everyone’s got one, right?

  2. “He used to be sexy ” Janet are you using?

  3. insert here my usual hateful, racist, puerile commentary about my lack of anal sex, or any actual human interaction really, the unrestricted USE of uppercase letters, forehead size, island life, rainbow enablers, toasters, coasters and all you knarly lesbians.

    and remember to stay on topic you slant eyed wizards of the pre-nup

  4. Is he a drug dealer to know wealthy people? How does he maintain his lifestyle? Does he have albums or paintings to that sells? Where is his baby mama?

  5. He still looks like a greasy mess but he actually looks better now ..when the first pic was taken even his fingers were dirty and he was in the middle of a year long heroin binge . He is supposed to be clean now and he doesnt look like such a skinny crack head. If he is clean then more power to him ..

  6. “Sherry-Lynne
    He used to be sexy ” Janet are you using?


    LOL!!!! 🙂

  7. True…Boy Georgelike

    Poor little Strom imposter,,,,it wants the attention so bad doesn’t it! Maybe it looks Boy Georgelike itself and just doesnt know what to do….maybe it will attend a Rainbow parade today.

  8. Gross beyond words. Plus, with all he drug and alcohol abuse, he’s gotta be a lousy lay.

  9. This junk head needs to take a bath in a bucket of Drano. How can any “normal” woman even stand next to him not worried she may catch his lice. He was never sexy, not even to a cockroach. Ick.

  10. He has always looked utterly filthy, stained fingertips, dirty nails, gray skin tone. I remember when one of his kittens got into his cocaine, I have loathed him with a passion ever since. Complete and utter trash

  11. He looks a little too pizza’ed up to be using.

  12. He may be puffy looking, but at least he looks healthy,or healthier. The skinny dirty drug addict look was NOT sexy! He did have a good voice though.

  13. Patrick, “too pizza’ed up”


    That made me snicker & snort outloud. LOL!!!

  14. hey I was thinking the very same thing…looks like Boy George.

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