It’s been awhile, but Johnny Depp finally went back to his home in France. The visit started rumors of a reconciliation with his partner Vanessa Paradis but that would be presumptuous. Johnny has recently been linked with his 26 year old Rum Diary costar Amber Heard because she’s been visiting him on the Mexico set of his movie “The Lone Ranger.” Lately, it’s said they have taken “a break” from each other. Insiders feel it’s improbable that Johnny will get back together with Vanessa, and most likely he’s spending time at home with his children Jack, 10, and Lily, 13. Johnny and Vanessa remain cordial for the sake of the kids.

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  1. I think she’s premenopausal.. going thru a rough time in life.. starving, bad diet.. becoming too bossy and dissatisfied with everything, politics, the world at war, their future.. hopefully they can work things out..

  2. I also think that this is more for the children sake than anything…the children were with Johnny all this months in US (there are several pictures of his daughter in LA, reports and also the recent pictures of Johnny arriving from US with his two children to Nice airport) while Vanessa has been working on her new album in France since early june…so I see this as amicable “gesture”, take the children to see their mother (maybe stay with her now) and spend holidays as a family…

  3. They wouldn’t have bothered making the split official if they still had feelings for eachother. This relationship is totally kaput and has been so for over a year imo. Vanessa has a new man in Paris, according to the French press and has so for some time now. Johnny probably has a new woman (maybe not Amber) or is enjoying the single life. The truth is that they hardly knew eachother when she suddenly got pregnant after 3 months of dating a man that had just got out of a 4 year relationship with Kate Moss, if indeed he had got out, because it has long been rumored that he and Kate were actually still together when he began his affair with la Paradis. I think that he loved his kids much more than he ever loved Paradis and I guess it took her a while to realise that.

  4. Mary – you nailed it, girl. Even if he wasn’t planning to return to Moss, that doesn’t mean Paradis was anything more than a filmset fling to him before the beautiful child came into the picture. A Depp bio stated that he had dinner with Winona Ryder just prior to leaving for France to feel out resuming their relationship since both of them were unattached. They planned to meet again when Depp came back from Europe. Except for the gift of the lovely child, Depp’s trip to Paris was like a trip to Hades, where he worked with the evil Polanski on the satanist film bomb, The 9th Gate, and also got caught in the little French girl’s web. He did his best to do the right thing for as long as he could, though, and I admire him for that. I wish nothing but happiness for him & his kids.

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