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John Travolta took his long suffering wife Kelly Preston on a European vacation to get away from all the bad publicity his sex life has been stirring up. Of ALL PLACES, he chose to vacation in Mykonos, the Greek island famous for exquisite beaches and gay nightlife. It’s advertised as having “iconic status as an LGBT destination” and features “gay hotels, spas, beaches, and bars. Gay travelers flock there from all corners of the earth.” The timing is peculiar, but yes, that’s where John took his wife Kelly for a vacation…

Photo via: Daily Mail

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  1. Who is Kelly Pretson?

    Miss Johny T is such a pathetic fool. How sad. He is homosexual and believes the public thinks otherwise.

    But on the bright side, nice basket going on there. Looks like a weeks worth of laundry he’s packin.

  2. Do they actually think that there is anyone left who b their ridiculous charade? She is making a fool of herself. I guess she has been Travolta’s beard for so long that she doesn’t know how to do anything else. The irony of them taking a “romantic” vacation in Mykonos would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

  3. It seems that JT is doing exactly as he pleases, and Kelly is doing exactly as scientology pleases her to do. She’s long suffering alright.

  4. Have you been to Mykonos? It isn’t the mecca of down low as daily tourists are dumped on to the island via cruise ship. And a secret night life? Please. Only if you bring it with you.

  5. is there a problem?

  6. Interesting choice of a vacation spot that John chose. What is Kelly supposed to do while he is frolicking among the gay men?

  7. Kelly, I love you!!!! Play your position, keep stacking gold coins, and just go along for the ride. John, darling where is my sequal to paris!!!!!!

  8. Mykonos?
    Is that Gay Island?
    I didn’t realize that? Better take “that” magnet off my fridge then!
    Naxos pottery jug magnet can stay.
    Or is Naxos a “Gay Island” too?
    Or fuck! Maybe my Island(Vancouver}is the “Gay Island”?
    I hadn’t thought of that?!

  9. First of all why does everyone assume his wife isn’t laughing all the way to the bank or leading her own lesbian lifestyle?

    I can’t believe people auction off their lives like this-it’s sad and pathetic to think that this lady would rather cash a paycheck from her fake husband rather than have true happiness with someone else. Also, does anyone even begin to wonder why she would allow herself to be inseminated with his little swimmers knowing his penchant for multiple partners? Maybe they froze them a long time ago just in case.

  10. I have read several blinds lately that sound like them. They say he has already hired divorce attorneys and she is against it. Not sure why she cares, I’m sure she is set for life financially

  11. @Palermo, it’s all about image. Who is she without him? The fact that she was married to a gay man for 20 whatever years is going to make her look like a fool. Too many questions to answer. And she is in the grips of Scientology which will forever have her on a string.

  12. True…Vancouver is known as a mecca for Gays. Not much worry about the BLACKS there so they can be very shocked why anyone would say anything derogatory about their lack of responsibility.

  13. Mykonos is as Gay as it is Str8…no such thing as a Gay Island! Greece is uber gay anyway…

  14. I think if Kelly caught him in bed with X number of men, she would just say excuse me, back out the door, and convince herself what she saw was just a figment of her imagination. Apparently she still wants the status of being married to a movie star and top Scientologist. SCI has all their private past and present lives taped as they did their idiotic counseling/clearing sessions, so she can never get out of the cult. She will catch a gross disease that he brings home, if she does not already have one.

    Coming attraction = hell, fire, and brimstone.

  15. JT’s priorities should be his kids & getting out of that creepy cult to enjoy whatever gender preference he has, cause in the day & age, no one gives a dog’s fart anymore.

  16. We know he is gay but isn’t she gay also? Maybe this is why their union has lasted so long.

  17. Gee, what a romantic destination for that couple. I don’t think they have fooled anyone with their charade. Why does anyone care what their sexuality is? I have an issue with the way their son Jett was treated(or actually not treated)due to their scientology addiction.

  18. Strom we don’t have gay people, black or Jewish in Vancouver.
    Just very rich white anglo types. Free medical and dental too.
    There’s a sign at the border that turns them back to States.
    We were going to visit the States once but saw black people on the American side of the border. The kids started to cry and the dog howled so we turned around and went home.
    It was okay. Beaver was on the t.v. and all was well with the world.

  19. Strom, have you ever been out of the basement ? like, travelled anywhere other than lets say, your block ?

    You know what ? I bet you haven’t, you scared little drooler,

    oops, sorry , perhaps I’ve been unfair, maybe your trailer doesn’t have a basement.

    if you seen the world Strom, you’d fear it and all its different people less. give it a try

  20. @Strom, yup you got that all right, Vancouver is renowned as a Gay hotspot,

    oddly, its also a real hotspot for free first class medical care, affordable universities, low unemployment, a stable economy, incredibly low crime rates, a breathtaking natural environment, a literate, educated and productive multi-cultural milieu, oh, ya and all dem homos.

    jesus your an idiot Strom, just once try to let reality intrude on your opinions ..

  21. ^^^^Nothing is ever FREE….you art taxed up to your eyeballs.

  22. That’s right Chris. We gotta pay for the Quebec dead weight.
    And if you are lucky enough to own a shit house on the east side. You’re a millionaire plus.

  23. free, doesn’t mean without costs.

    But effective universal health care, like access to affordable education is a feature of a civilized society. I work in a health care setting here in SoCal, and I’ve had patients turned away because they couldn’t afford the surgery. A kidney transplant for example, costs in excess of $100,000 dollars.

    you do the math !

  24. Kelly take a page from the Katie Holmes book of wisdom and dump that big loser once and for all!

  25. Storm it’s easy for these libbers to make the working man sound stupid among themselves. It’s all fluff and nonsense, ignore them. Remember they are just conservatives who haven’t been mugged yet.

    Chris, nice the way you politely and in an understated manner pointed out to Erika the timeless and accurate observation that there is no such thing as a free lunch. For some reason the liberals can’t seem to grasp that concept.

    Kills me how all the liberal white meat loves to put us down. I think secretly they are jealous because guys like us are the only white men left with genuine balls. Another thing, I don’t even think they realize the noble downtrodden members of the rainbow coalition hate all crackers. They don’t distinguish between political flavors. To them WHITE IS THE BLIGHT.

    As for JT, who cares? Dam good actor though. I liked The Generals Daughter.

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