Jessica Simpson has been bombarded with questions about her amazing weight loss- which we just noticed rather recently. Jessica says she lost 100 pounds in 2019 – after she finished having children. A HUNDRED pounds? Hard to believe. We recall a voluptuous Jessica, but not one THAT heavy. She vaguely claims she did it with advice from a nutritionist and more workouts with her trainer. Hmmm… We have a powerful feeling there is MORE to this story than meets the eye. Jessica’s got a secret she doesn’t want to share. In this photo she is thinner than we have ever seen her before. She and her lookalike daughter Maxwell were photographed at Maxwell’s basketball game.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA


  1. Her secret is cocaine. She probably buys it from her disgusting father.

  2. She looks terrible . Not even creepy John Mayer would find that a ‘wonderland’

    Looks like fentanyl addiction or speed/barbiturates

    Hopefully her husband has a naloxone kit handy.

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  5. I’m convinced she’s had some sort of bariatric surgery. She lost a TON of weight in a very short period of time. Now, she’s emaciated, frail, and extremely unhealthy looking/sounding. Some quack doctor who will cater to celebrities that may only need a 20-30 pound weight loss end up looking like skeletons. Repeat this response for Khloe Kardashian too…

  6. What about standard-issue anorexia? Her sunken eyes and face sure look like it.

  7. Could be bariatric surgery or Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Hollywood’s other diet secret. That’s how Anna-Nicole Smith lost all her weight to prepare for the Trim Spa campaign.

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