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Remember, last October we informed you that Brandon Davis’s plus-size brother Jason had gastric bypass surgery. The pounds are starting to miraculously melt away – much like Star Jones. Only as far as we know, HE doesn’t lie about it.

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  1. Even if you’re blind, you’re able to SMELL you’re dealing here with a professional FAGGOT!!!!

  2. Wearing your pajama bottoms outside is not exactly a fashion statement.

  3. This gummy bear guy deserves attention because he is inheriting money?

  4. he should be commended for taking control of his life. Far too many people are obese. He would have ended up with type 2 diabetes,heart disease etc… good luck gummy

  5. who’s the other lauren graham and her boyfriend?????? somebody please tell me who they are THANK YOU ! P.S. IT SURE LOOKS LIKE THE GILMORE GIRL MOMMY CAN’T BE SURE THAT’S WHY I NEED A RESPONCE FROM YOU POSTERS.

  6. Dayum he has lost a shyt load of weight but the hair is too tacky.
    He ought to move up here to Frisco he’d fit in perfectly, no pun intended!!

  7. Janet, please..as much as I have to say about this total nobody, I will refrain. LOL. Please, Janet, please, give us a subject of Kelly Ripa; she is getting a total pass from you, and my brain has stored up many words to say about her. Also, have never seen anything from you on subject of Jessica Alba and Jessica Simpson..
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  8. Art Geek and Gerard.2 dumb bigots.And art you beiMyng black,shame.

  9. Hey Janet – please post something about SEAN YOUNG’s meltdown!

  10. Janet get real. Star Jones didn’t have to tell the world what surgical procedures she had and not speaking on it does not constitute a lie. So what he doesn’t “LIE” about it. What exactly are his accomplishments again besides being the former fat brother of Oily?

  11. Yeah, and Janet; me wants to add 2 more to the list:
    Halle Berry and Sharon Stone. Please, purty please. Jason Davis?…Yawn

  12. yes it sure looks like lauren graham the woman with red shoes BUT the nose doesn’t fit her who knows? I also thought she prefers women? but i could on that but the rumors are she’s GAY!

  13. @4:44 HUH what are you talking about troll?
    The dude is flaming gay and would be happily surrounded by his brothers here in San Francisco what is bigoted about that fact?

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  16. lauren owns 37 plastic horses so mr. davis is going over to play horsey games TA! TA!

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  20. “art chic how dare you soooo childish go away and please grow up honey do something more grown up . your such a baby! TA! TA!
    January 31, 2008 12:49 PM
    Posted by: BABY KAKES!!@#$#$@#@!! ”
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    “Art Chic how dare you, sooo childish… go away and please grow up. You’re such a baby, ta ta!”
    You’re welcome – now open a English Lit book and read it!

  21. mr. davis and lauren graham and her part time boyfriend standing together need to quit showbiz.


  23. Even a blind man can tell that 3:04, 3:08, 3:10, and 3:15 are SPAMMING TROLLS. Don’t you trolls know how easy it is to find your service provider/e-mail?
    Clues are the same spelling errors and capitalization.
    Janet your webmaster/moderator really needs to clean up this board the trolls are ruining an otherwise enjoyable gossip board.

  24. Ignorant people even have freedom of speech.3:53 pm who posted that rude comment. So gossip all you want honey! ; thank you.

  25. A R T C H I C I S N O T G O N E S H E I S E A T I N G H E R T O E S.

  26. Casonia Logenberry..Yes I really love Hells kitchen and want to get on the show if they let me? But no matter what I do I can't get there attention! Ego and Arrogant I am and feel strong about winning. says:

    This man is truely attractive and really need to go Pose for play girl or something and I Love his eyes and wish him well and hope his life really takes off in the future.

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