There simply aren’t enough stories about celebrity thievery and they ARE fascinating! This weekend “My Name is Earl” actress Jaime Pressly played detective and accused “Planet of the Apes” actress, Estella Warren, of stealing her assistant’s handbag! The three women were at the same LA partly when Jaime’s assistant realized her purse was missing. Crimefighter Jaime used the location app to track the iPhone in the purse. The app led them to the Bootsy Bellows club in Hollywood. They found Estella with the phone and the handbag, which now also contained drug paraphernalia. Cops were called and we’re betting Jaime’s detective work paid off. Two years ago Estella, 34, had a DUI in which she hit three parked cars and then kicked the policeman who arrested her. She also famously escaped from the police station but was ultimately caught and sentenced to six months in rehab.

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  1. I’m sure the drugs were Jaime Pressly’s “hilbilly heroin”

  2. Estella you scummy f**ing thieving low life bitch. STOP THIEVING. Someone should bitch slap the thieving issues out of her. Mental health issues… my a*se.

    Actually Saul if you look at the thieving scums nose, it would appear she is the one who is a druggie.

  3. Actually Janet why did you bother publishing Ms Coke Nose photo? I have no idea who she is, nor do I care, I know who Jaimee is, all you are doing is contributing to raising the public profile of another nobody of the back of someone semi-famous, a no-body who hasn’t done anything worthwhile to the human race and through immoral means?! eg; the likes of KK being p*ssed on type-scenario.

    Another Lohan mess being American main stream fodder.

    The dumbing down of America eh!

  4. Winona’s unimpressed response:


  5. Hahahaha british, but I think that was a Lilo quote.

    Jaime can hang with me any day. She’ll cut ya for a friend.

  6. oops sorry, got it backwards, again, post should read, I’m a drooler, and you can tell by the idiotic things I habitually write.

    strom = no education, no job, no relationships, no actual human friends, no future, except the same tired, moronic attempts for attention.

    I admit it, I’m pathetic

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