Olympic skater Johnny Weir is obsessed with flashing designer names and he’s especially fond of designer handbags. He proudly admits to having at least 40 Balenciaga bags, over a dozen Chanel bags, and a shocking, but undisclosed, number of pricey Hermes Birkin bags. Six years ago, when he divorced Victor Voronov, Johnny confessed that he cheated on his husband and Victor retaliated by defacing some of his Birkin bags. THAT put an end to the stormy marriage. Due to his handbag addiction, Johnny has been called “the gay Kim K” and he’s not at ALL insulted!

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA

4 thoughts on “JOHNNY WEIR: THE GAY KIM K?

  1. Just wait until sleepy Joe takes over. China will invade the USA using new lethal lab made viruses and then the tanks roll in.

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