The Met Gala is Monday, May 6 and we just heard this EXCLUSIVE tidbit. We previously reported Kim Kardashian was wearing Balenciaga to the event which makes sense since she IS the brand’s ambassador. Well Kim pulled a fast one and decided she wanted to go in a different direction so she scrapped her original outfit and is now wearing something else and not Balenciaga. Remember where you read this, as it should send waves through the fashion world since since Kim and Balenciaga are in business together and everyone expects her to wear the label on fashion’s biggest night.

President Joe Biden made news this week when he revealed he would be willing to debate Donald Trump in their race for the White House. Here’s what we just heard. This presidential debate might be unlike any other in the our nation’s history as the plan is for Biden and Trump to each choose one moderator to ask the questions with NOTHING off-limits. While countless details still need to be worked out, including the date and location, expect a debate unlike any other. My source says Trump has yet to agree to this arrangement since he’s terrified of answering questions from the seemingly liberal moderator the Biden campaign will likely select.

Justin Bieber made headlines after posting selfies of him crying and then he was spotted hanging out in Kauai, Hawaii. Here’s what we know. Justin is blaming a lot of his emotional issues on the pressures and temptations of living in Los Angeles, so he and his wife Hailey Bieber flew to Hawaii to look at homes. They’re planning to unload their sprawling Beverly Park estate, put down roots in Hawaii, and then buy a pied a terre in Los Angeles when they need to be in town for work. They love the island of Kauai, but also are looking at Maui and the Big Island.

Britney Spears made headlines as well- for numerous reasons including fears about her financial situation, settling her lawsuit with her father, and finalizing her divorce from ex-husband Sam Asghari. We know this… Britney’s mom Lynne is more involved behind the scenes than she’s letting on, and while she’s not micromanaging Britney or her finances, she is monitoring the situation and has safety nets in place just in case Britney spirals out of control. My source says that this time around if the consensus is that Britney needs a conservatorship it will be Lynne who is in charge.

And finally this. Travis Kelce inked a two-year deal with his team the Kansas City Chiefs making him the HIGHEST paid tight end in the NFL. While his $34.25 million contract is already public knowledge, here’s something we know that hasn’t been publicized. The deal also includes a secret bonus of $100,000 per regular season game, $250,000 for playoff games and a whopping $500,000 for the Super Bowl if his girlfriend (and likely soon-to-be fiance) Taylor Swift attends. My source say that Taylor’s presence at games brings in MILLIONS in additional revenue so that’s why Travis is getting the bonuses when she attends.

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A tough Monday for Kim Kardashian. Over the weekend, her ex, Kanye West, claimed that Donald Trump said some not-so-nice things about her over Thanksgiving, and then Kanye went on to have dinner with Kim’s ex, (and sex video costar) Ray J. What DID did they talk about? Balenciaga apologized for those tasteless ads featuring S&M toys and children, hoping Kim will not forsake them. As if that weren’t enough, Kim’s most recent ex, Pete Davidson, turned up at a Knicks game with Emily Ratajkowski, looking MIGHTY happy …

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We’ve been talking about those big clunky boots by Balenciaga that Kanye West has worn every day for the past few months because they seem to be inappropriate for ALL occasions. But they finally came in handy! Kanye paid an unexpected visit to the Skechers shoe company in Manhattan Beach yesterday and he walked through offices like he owned the place – before he was recognized. We had to laugh when Daily Mail revealed that an office source told them that Kanye was allowed inside because at first he was mistaken for the building’s gardener- thanks to the big BOOTS! After a short conversation, executives escorted Kanye and his companions outside.

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Kanye West took his three oldest kids – North, 9, Saint, 6, and Chicago, 4, out to dinner in Paris during Fashion Week and North is starting to REALLY enjoy the limelight. She wore 4 inch platform boots with her all black outfit and the other kids also wore head-to-toe black. Even the nanny was dressed all in black. Earlier that day, Kanye had walked the runway in the Balenciaga fashion show wearing a black military oversize jacket with a hood, baseball cap, and dark glasses – essentially looking just the same as he has for the past six months OFF the runway…


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Kanye West is no doubt be gnashing his teeth with annoyance since his ex Kim Kardashian posted this photo of herself basking in attention at the dinner party after the Balenciaga show in Paris that she walked in. Kanye became very chummy collaborating with the Balenciaga people in the past few years and HE drew Kim into the illustrious group. Now SHE’s the one that’s tight with Balenciaga and getting all their clothes. Above, she’s in head-to-toe Balenciaga, and even wore this black mask to dinner. Who cares about food when you can be photographed looking fabulous?

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To Kanye’s dismay, Kim Kardashian turned heads at the Balenciaga show in Paris when she walked in wearing head-to-toe Balenciaga caution tape wrapped around her body from her neck to the soles of her boots. Turns out it actually IS caution tape that four Balenciaga assistants stuck to her black bodysuit backstage before the show. And when Kim walked, her outfit made a noisy sticky sound – like tape being yanked off. The eye-catching garment was such a hit that it’s likely to be added to the fashion collection- so you can have one too!

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Didn’t take Offset long to hop over to Balenciaga in Beverly Hills after he got that 2 million dollar check from Cardi B for his birthday this week. We’re pretty sure he’ll be picking out some stuff for Cardi, but he did spend a lot of time in the men’s department …that fluffy white hoody he’s wearing with the built in glove/pockets is kinda cute…

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Kim Kardashian walked out of her New York hotel fully prepared for the mob of paparazzi waiting outside. She’s wearing a $3000 Balenciaga oversize distressed brown wool coat with huge shoulders and no buttons- it’s itchy but not at all warm. She paired the coat with $2000 Balenciaga denim print thigh boots. Looks like she’s got some kind of deal with the designer. If you happen to like either of these items, they will probably be available soon at the Kardashian Kloset online resale store for a discounted (but still expensive) price…

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Olympic skater Johnny Weir is obsessed with flashing designer names and he’s especially fond of designer handbags. He proudly admits to having at least 40 Balenciaga bags, over a dozen Chanel bags, and a shocking, but undisclosed, number of pricey Hermes Birkin bags. Six years ago, when he divorced Victor Voronov, Johnny confessed that he cheated on his husband and Victor retaliated by defacing some of his Birkin bags. THAT put an end to the stormy marriage. Due to his handbag addiction, Johnny has been called “the gay Kim K” and he’s not at ALL insulted!

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