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We love this picture of Harrison Ford carrying a stack of Indiana Jones toys. He’s got action figures of himself and a Mr Potato Head Indiana Jones character toy. They’re probably intended for seven year old Liam, the little boy that he has adopted with Calista Flockhart. The new Indiana Jones movie has been getting some mediocre buzz, but we still predict a lot of people will go see it for old times sake. And when was the last time you saw Karen Allen?

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  1. Calista is wearing the old man out. The rest of his energy is spent playing with the kid. Time to order some Viagra, Harrison?
    And remember, Calista is still hoping for that long-expected proposal.

  2. I thought CF adopted her son before hooking up with HF?
    I did not realize that child is jointly adopted.

  3. @3:48 PM. Calista adopted Liam well before she met Harrison. After they started living together, reports are that HF got quite attached to the kid. Bet Cal is glad she adopted him, ’cause he’s now calling the old guy ‘daddy’. I’m sure she’s thinking he would miss the kid and her, so maybe a ring, and soon? (luv, luv, luv the Indiana Jones movies).

  4. Who knew he wore a rug/hair weave/hair implants on top!
    You can very clearly see that the hair color/texture on top does not match the hair on the sides near ear!

  5. Art Chic, that hair is ALL real. He looks amazing for 65. I can’t wait for Indy 4, and I’ve actually read mostly good reviews so far!

  6. Calista adopted the boy well before she met Harrison. But maybe he adopted him subsequently.

  7. Who is more delighted to have the other…Calista or Harrison? She seems totally thrilled; he is harder to figure out regarding this matter. It appears he doesn’t want to make it legal, but she’s having a cat fit to WHIP (get it?) him into matrimony. Maybe she could coach the kid to change his mind, but it’s not likely.

  8. To me personally, they are an extremely odd couple. Odder, in fact, than most of the hook-ups in the f****d up world of GollyWeird. Calista doesn’t seem to be his type. Maybe she rubs liniment on his joint…uh, I mean old aching joints.

  9. Who wants to see a geezer chasing a bunch of skulls around Peru?

  10. The last good role Ford has was playing ‘Deckard’ in Blade Runner (1982). I’ll never get the image of him administering the Voight-Kampff test on Rachael out of my head.

  11. I think Harrison digs skin and bones because she let’s him pipe in marijuana smoke up her rectum and he sucks it out. He thinks it’s the best high he’s ever had!

  12. A grand-pa is expected to give gifts.
    That’s why FOLKS!!

  13. “Art Chic, that hair is ALL real. He looks amazing for 65. I can’t wait for Indy 4, and I’ve actually read mostly good reviews so far!
    May 12, 2008 4:28 PM
    Posted by: Anonymous ”
    Are we looking at the same pic 4:28 ? There is a clear indentation and difference in texture hair. At the very most those are hair-plugs … could be a glue-on wig.
    Er actually the reviews are mixed and people are tired of Shia shillling. Something tells me you’re the payroll good luck with that … I like Harrison Ford he seems as though he’d be a fun to party with.

  14. Last weekend I saw Ford in the 70’s great, “The Conversation.” Amazing to see him then and now. He’s a great actor, and he and Calista are VERY logical for one another.

  15. Sorry, JC, you need to print a retraction/correction. He has NOT adopted her son.

  16. Gerard 9:11 PM: You are one funny sonofagun. Love it.

  17. “Podnah” is one of the many many MANY names I use here YES you could say I’m a TROLL don’t HATE, APPRECIATE!
    sometimes I write crazy it’s the “Wellbutrin!!”

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