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How often do you see Babies in Black? We love the mother- daughter aspect of Angelina Jolie dressing her little girls Shiloh and Zahara in the same color she favors. It must be difficult to even FIND children’s clothes in black. France is probably the logical place to look.

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  1. Why does little Zahara’s hair always look unkept like Buckwheats or Don Kings? Is it that much trouble to put a little brilliantine and a little barrette or bow in her hair? Angie needs to take pointers from P diddy’s baby mama. He was recently photo’d with one of his baby girls and she looked like someone really cared to make her look special and girly especially her hair.
    Maybe it’s judgmental but still true.

  2. Yes I know what you mean about black baby clothes. I prefer wearing black clothes and my baby is due in a week. I have not seen any black clothes for babies at all, but would like to have this colour in her wardrobe also.

  3. 9:46 the hair style that baby Z has is called a twist-out aka a free form afro, the hair is finger combed it’s a common style maybe Z’s hair could use a trim to make it even, though. I think they all look chic & cute.

  4. i feel sorry for baby zahra , she seems unhappy and mad, i give her every right her syblings look different, at least maddex and pax look the same , she should have a brother or sister so she can relate to.

  5. 2:05 I do agree with you that Z could use a same-race silbing to even out the racial diversity within their family but she doesn’t look unhappy or mad in fact she and Shiloh have a similiar facial expression in the photo.
    Besides I think babies are or should be sort of a ‘hands-off’ gossip topic.
    Yeh I don’t diss babies except for Adam Sandlers baby THAT is one FUGLY child!

  6. Shiloh is just plain adorable. I wish she had more normal parents.

  7. Shiloh’s parents are more likely more ‘normal’ than most parents they love her care for her extremely well.

  8. Well they rarely look happy. And I saw a picture of them in the store window. Angie tried to kiss Shiloh and Shiloh was pulling away from her. I don’t think she bonded well with the blob

  9. Before everyone complains about Z’s hair, remember that AJ said in an interview that she has someone who does her hair but she messes it up quickly. I have a daughter that age and she often pulls out barrettes or rolls around the carpet playing with her brother.

  10. @7:36AM: The BLOB, hahahaha, still laughing. Anyway, looks like the great and mighty nutty sex whore is reverting back to the Goth period in her life, the clothes part anyway. She used to wear solid black all the time, the haggy witch. The witch has cast a spell on Braddy-Waddy. If she wants to adopt 4 more and always dress them all in black, he’ll say OK, whatever you want. Jon Voight knew what he was talking about when he called her mentally unstable. He raised her; he should know.

  11. Maybe she wants to dress the Oriental kids, Pax and Maddox, all in black so they can learn kung-fu, karate and someday be in this type movies to support them when they are old.

  12. WOW You people are so bitter and envious! Ridiculous!
    Oh well, Angie and her girls are adorable.

  13. I love this family, they are so adorable. Look at Princess Zee with her pink shoes.

  14. Could it be possible that Ange and family look unhappy because of people like Janet making stupid comments about their appearance and daily activities????
    Or could it be that paps seem to follow them around wherever they go?
    Get a life. They’re actually more normal than the other Hollyweird families. They do their thing and keep to themselves.

  15. “May 13, 2008 11:58 AM
    Posted by: Anonymous”

  16. 1158 AM: Oh yeah, they are normal. They buy a multi-million $ mansion in New Orleans on a whim, a chateau in France, and take off for parts unknown to drop a kid. Not to mention about 10 other property holdings they have between them, which take an army of employees to maintain. She flies her own plane while preggers to sit with a scarf on her head amongst God knows what people group, he is off making yet another 3rd rate movie, 4 kids with no semblance of order in their lives, paps always hounding them, etc, etc. Sure, they are as normal as you and me. So, what planet did you come from?

  17. Free form afro? wtf Art Chic. its just white people with a black kid and they don’t know what to do with her hair!

  18. Didn’t they make an allowance in the 20 mil budget for some Afro Sheen and Ultra Sheen?

  19. Little Z is a future supermodel, just wait.(Her little face is so delicate and beautiful) These pix are history. She’s gonna be pissed at Ange. WTF Mom, couldn’t you fix my hair?

  20. To be fair, you really can’t judge a family’s life together based on a few pap photographs.

  21. There is nothing normal about this family. They have no roots anywhere. They wander aimlessly around the world, picking up children on a whim. Ask anyone with children – it’s hard job to parent. There are problems even within the most normal of family units. And, again, this is not a normal family unit, no matter how much people like to fantasize that it is.

  22. It looks more like these little tots just came out of Ballet class..
    The pink tights on Zahara are de rigeur for classical ballet.
    the teacher can see your leg muscles working with pink tights.
    they look great, reminds me of my ballet days…

  23. I have never ever seen a picture of Zahara with a smile on her pretty face!
    Think it’s her temperment…not a friendly child!

  24. You people are so very funy with your stupid saying about a family that enjoy their self everyday and make their money. i think and not only think but believe that ange and pit with their kids are very happy with them self if a kid don’t put smile on her face it dont mean that she is sad she is just a little girl when she is about 14 to 15 you will see more smile on her. she don’t even know if she is with her real parent or not with time she will know how lucky she is and will put great smile on her beautiful face. so you all stop wasting your time on this.

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