Men may drive fast cars but it’s the women who take all the chances in the world of celebrities these days. Gwyneth Paltrow was photographed in Paris wearing these extraordinary shoes. They’re deliciously stylish and maybe eight inches tall. Gwyneth is no fool – note that like Mariah Carey, she has a minder holding her up and helping her keep her balance at all times. A mother of two should NOT fall in her absurdly high shoes and break a leg.

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  1. Tho I like looking sexy in super-high heels I’m OVAH wearing ’em due to the unsafety factor!!

  2. So I’m guessing that when you wear those shoes you have to accessorize with a short bald guy in jeans who helps you down the stairs?

  3. I kind of like them. I wouldn’t wear them – I’d fall off.
    My second thought is they look like some kind of contraption a horse would wear around his head.

  4. Gwyn how many starving children, single nursing mothers and the poor could you feed for the extravagant price of those stupid-so Ugly shoes and the pampered hire of the keep me from tripping body guard? Shame on you for being so shallow and vain.

  5. I don’t believe the hype around Gwen Paltrow and I never have, she has very little style or appeal.
    She would never have had an inkling of the success she has enjoyed without her Hwood hookups.
    She is no style icon or sex symbol.

  6. I’m sure Brad Pitt is heaving a big sigh of relief that she didn’t get him to the altar, which she almost did. He would never fit in with the high society life that Gwyn grew up in. Never thought she was that pretty or stylish.

  7. Those shoes are hideous and they can’t possibly be even remotely comfortable. Why, why, WHY! do women do this to themselves? Only for the rich and ridiculous.

  8. Are these the shoes of a desperate STAND-UP COMEDIAN?

  9. Gywinnie is beautiful AND bitchy. Marvelous…

  10. Gwyneth only got a break in the business because of who her parents are. She has no talent. She’s not pretty. Her fashion sense is terrible. Those shoes prove it…hideous and ridiculous.

  11. They’re as ugly as she is. I’ll never forget that awful, baggy pink gown at the Oscars, where her tiny tits looked like soggy chicken filets! Get lost, Gwynny!

  12. Wearing those shoes is less painful than having the phrase “I am a pretentious moron” tattooed on her forhead. The message is the same either way.

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