Gary Busey gave us the best red carpet moment when he interrupted Ryan Seacrest as he was interviewing Jennifer Garner and grabbed her in a bear hug. She looked terrified, as did Seacrest, and Ryan whispered to Jen “Where’s Ben when you need him?” Clearly shaken, Jen scurried away. If you’re wondering how Gary happened to BE on the red carpet – don’t forget he was nominated for an Oscar for The Buddy Holly Story – long before he had that helmetless motorcycle accident. Our Gary source told us that to expect loud scenes at parties tonight if Gary is not allowed inside.

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  1. It was a joke between them. Gary is a good actor; and Garner was so lovely except for the straggly, dullish nondescript hair.. Who did it.. Violet?

  2. Jennifer is way too cool, or she thinks. I guess she left her manners at home with her soul.

  3. I watched this as it happened and Garner was fine. The one who acted strange was Ryan Seacrest, who clearly did not know how to handle the situation. The coolest under fire was Laura Linney, who was with Garner and said she was taking her off as they had more secrets to dish. A very classy exit, leaving Seacrest to babble to his staff.

  4. Ryan Seacrest is the 1 who got it all out of sorts! everyone else was cool.

  5. What i saw ryan seacrest scared he’s a pansy anyway can’t stand him and never will

  6. Jennifer only thought what Gary did was innapropriate because he’s not good looking. If it would have been Brad Pitt or someone good looking she wouldn’t have minded. I’d do the same.

  7. Oh everyone… lighten up!
    I had a big crush on Gary Busey some years back~~
    he’s alot older now and not the cute young A-lister he used to be, but he’s still okay in my book!

  8. Seacrest is BI, and he always looks a little scared and uncomfortable, no matter what gig he’s doing. She is stuck on herself and thinks she is God’s gift to the weiner. Ben is pussy-whipped, for sure. Crush ’em, Gary.

  9. Ryan Seacrest is so clueless on the red carpet. He doesn’t know anything about celebrities because he’s too self-absorbed to consider doing his homework. Hilarious when he asked Viggo why he took his neice to the awards LOL! “Because I like her?”
    He ignored Casey Affleck’s wife but would have stuck his foot in his mouth anyway if he knew she was sister to River and Joaquin Phoenix. Fire him!

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