Sharon Osbourne is in a huge dispute with NBC over her son Jack losing a job on a reality show. Jack, 26, had been in talks to appear on “Stars Earn Stripes,” which pits celebrities against each other on military exercises, but the show cut ties with him after he announced that he has multiple sclerosis. Producers pointed out that the rigors of the show might be too intense for him and what’s more, they insist that Jack was never actually hired and no contracts were signed. Apparently Jack never mentioned his condition to producers before he went public with it in June. Sharon was outraged by Jack’s loss and claims that an NBC exec offered to pay Jack his full appearance fee but she refused. In retaliation against NBC, Sharon quit her job on “America’s Got Talent.” We can appreciate that new dad Jack needs a job, but this is ridiculous. This is Jack’s battle and control freak Sharon should butt out.

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  1. Isn’t that just like Hollywood? A handshake, verbal agreement or the casting couch, horizontal mambo, don’t mean nothing ’til you sign on the dotted line. Although I like Sharon, she needs to let her kids fight their own battles. Anyways, hope Jack is doing well.

  2. I never watch that boring fake show.

    Sharon Osbourne is crazy and has been driven nuts, mostly trying to understand the mumblings of Ozzy.

    The whole family has problems.

    Sharon is too intense and had way too much surgery.

    Kelly continues to fight the battle of the bulge, not to mention drugs and booze.

    Jack has always had troubles of one way or other, and now he has this illness for which I am very sorry.

  3. Who actually watched Sharon on that complete rubbish of a show?

  4. I did Pippa. I actually like her on the show, and Howard Stern is a pleasant surprise.

    As for this story, I would agree with Sharon if Jack were in fact hired, and was being discriminated against, assuming he had medical clearance to do the show. I do understand there could be liability issues.

  5. I am so tired of this no-talent family and their sense of entitlement.

  6. I watch America’s Got Talent… I like it more than the “singing shows”… I’ve always liked Sharon, but I don’t care if she leaves or not… I thought the show was ruined when Hasselhoff got fired, but I was pleasantly surprised when Howie Mandel came aboard. I was shocked when Pierce left and was sure that was the end of the show, but I love Howard Stern (never in a million years would I have thought I’d say that because I never liked him before)… so now I wonder who will replace Sharon… the show will survive because Howard is the most popular now, not Sharon… perhaps that’s another reason she wants to leave… people no longer clap the loudest for her.

  7. I never understood how Sharon got on that show to begin with. She seems like a nice person, though.

  8. I feel bad for the kids because when Jack got the cover of whatever magazine after his baby was born, Sharon was the one holding the baby and the parents were on each side of her! Who does that? She is refusing to let them have a life without her controlling it. If one of the kids makes news, she makes herself front and center of it. Poor kids.

  9. Sharon’s not a control freak. She’s a FAME WHORE. If she were a halfway decent mother, her kids wouldn’t be so fuc*ed up to begin with. And she wouldnt look like Ronald McDonald’s face lifted grandma.

  10. Sharon has lots of money. She can retire in her mansion. Ozzie is still bringing home the bacon.

  11. the whole family is grotesque, good riddance to them all, land fill.

  12. Sharon is such a bitch. How did she become a Judge of talent? Because she married a druggie who could make a spectacle on stage? She has no talent. Her talent has no talent, how did she become a fashion expert (J.Rivers show)? I remember when Sharon Sucker Punched that young woman on TV, yes she acted like she was getting coffee and sucker punched that girl. The woman has no class and obviously thinks her family is too important to value contracts, her son had no contract! I think her maiden name was Kardashian, no talent but will do anything for attention.

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