Tom Cruise has been laying the indulgences on pretty thick this past week. Not only did he take Suri, 6, to Disney World for several days, but he also spent an afternoon at the Disney water park with her. He bought her all the toys and souvenirs she picked out at the Disney shops and had someone else carry them around all day. Cruise topped off his “spoil the child at any cost” binge by arranging to have Suri stay overnight at Disney’s Cinderella’s Castle – a special hideaway that is SO private it can rarely even be looked at, much less used, but Tom pulled strings. Suri had a great view of the fireworks at night from her sitting room window, and that picture of Cinderella over the fireplace turns into a flat screen TV. A concierge caters to occupants’ every need. In the morning Cinderella herself gives the wake-up call. (Of course, Suri MIGHT have had even more fun if she were with some kids her own age.) Going home to a normal life with mom and off to school will NOT be easy!


  1. I said it before and I’ll say it again: Disneyland Dad!!!

  2. The man is a maniac! Thinks he can buy her love and that no one can see through his real agenda. He is planting the seeds for her to turn on Katie, eventually.

    And on a side note, I wonder how Bella feels about Suri getting all of Tom’s attention. Did he spoil Bella the same way? I don’t remember him doing that. Poor Bella’s been cast aside…

  3. Real question is, when will Tommy boy return to the real world? Although the troll can afford the extravagance, a simply hug & “I love you” will last a life time. Hope this poor kid don’t have to endure years of therapy cuz that’s going to be a more wild ride than anything Disney offers.

  4. We all knew it would happen…..and it is what Katie feared would happen. Katie will have to be the one who disciplines her and Tiny Tom Thumb will be the one who indulges her every whim. So, that leads to the one thing that Tom is aiming for. Suri will want to continue her Scientology clearing/counseling sessions because it pleases daddy. And mommie dearest will be the shrew for making her obey the rules of her exclusive Catholic school. I’m sure many Scientologists and SCI lawyers are working overtime helping Tom get full custody.

  5. All that indulgence is in reverse proportion to how much love Cruise doesn’t have to give.

  6. Not surprised this is happening. Suri could decide one day she wants to join Scientology. How sad.

  7. Agree with mama. Total Disneyland dad. But really, has this kid ever had a normal life?

  8. He’s an utter disgrace. Katie should publicize the DNA results proving that he didn’t father that kid (the whole world knows he’s sterile!),get him OUT of their lives for good,and righteously SHAME him in the process!

  9. At first I felt sorry for Katie, but no more. She, I assume, has a computer and she could have investigated the demonic cult of SCIentology and found out what she was getting in to if she married tiny Tom Thumb dictator. She just wanted the fortune and fame of being married to a BIG (snicker!) star.

    “For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?”….King James Version Holy Bible, Matthew chapt 16, verse 26.

    I think she was knocked up when she married him and this is not his child. In fact, as many times said before, the tiny one cannot father a child, as he has been snipped. Even Nicole said it. 🙂

  10. right on bluejay….spoil the child like crazy..that’s all tom has to offer.

    no amount of money can make you a good dad.

  11. Once again, Indy is right on target, Bible verse and all. Tom Thumb has always been known to be sterile, ever since Mimi Rogers drew him into scientology and then left him so she could have kids of her own. Apparently everybody has the same opinion, he’s spoiling her rotten and will draw her into scientology when he can, too. This is among the most evil of cults known to man. They lie, cheat and probably kill to preserve what they have. I’ve also heard that they grossly inflate the number of their membership, too.

    I don’t know if it was on here, but somebody said that Chris Klein had an Asian family member (I think grandmother) in his family and that is why Suri looked so Asian when she was a little baby. I found that very interesting on the baby daddy speculation.

  12. Janet, let it go. I’m not a Scientologist but this is about a disenfranchised dad spoiling his kid. And he can afford to! What have you done lately to contribute to the struggling economy?

  13. Not a Cruise fan by any means but it sure is good to see the very first picture of Suri that happy. Do I think Tom should be any where near her? Hell no, he is a freak but it’s always good to see a happy child. Especially one who always looks so glum.

  14. Hi Kitty, thank you and hope you are well !!

    So……Suri should enjoy all the spoiling and getting anything her little heart desires.

    There will come a time (if it hasn’t already) when SCI will clash mightily with Catholic teachings. Katie will go bonkers worrying about her. Tom (with his ever-present demonic laugh) will continue her SCI schooling. Suri will be pulled in two directions and only God knows what will happen. In the meantime, the paparazzi will be after all of them 24/7. Lifestyles of the rich and famous—–no thanks. 🙁

  15. Hi Indy, I’m fine and hope you are also. For the life of me, I don’t see how Tom Thumb still has any fans or anybody who goes to see his crappy movies.

  16. I think Katie was pregant when she married Tom too, and although Suri strongly resembled Chris Klein when she was small, she’s grown into a Katie mini-me. I don’t see Tom in Suri at all. I think he’s a total jackass for trying to buy Suri when he spends time with her. Katie wants her to live as normal a life as she can, rather than stay around the Hollyweird crowd. I agree with the poster who said that Katie should have a DNA test done to prove Suri isn’t Tom’s daughter. That would sure put him in his place!

  17. Does anyone know the timeline from when they started dating till when they got married? You would think she would have been showing at the wedding if she was pregnant before. I still think Suri is a product of Tommy Davis by artificial insemination of course which would not make her pregnant before marriage. So they could do a DNA test but if I am right, it wouldn’t matter because Tommy is higher up in Sci than Tom Thumb.

  18. They got married after Suri was born. There’s some uncertainty about exactly when she was born because they didn’t bring her out in public for quite a while after the assumed date of her birth. I don’t know the exact time frame but she got with Tom Thumb almost immediately after their breakup.

  19. Tom Cruise is simply too stupid to let Suri interact with any other children her age who aren’t mired in that Scientology bullshit. He lives and breathes it, and by now, his brain is so pickled, he can’t think straight. I’m sure Katie saw this, and that’s why she hatched a plan to rescue Suri from a life like Tom’s. Hopefully, Suri will soak up enough love and normalcy from Katie, her friends, and her grandparents to learn to balance the life Katie wants for her, and the material things Tom will try to buy her love with. I’m sure Suri loves him anyway, since he’s the only father she’s ever known, but if he’d take her to normal activities the way Katie is doing, he’d show her a hell of a lot more real fatherly love than snagging a place in Disney World for her to frolic in that isn’t available to you and me. That isn’t real life. He just doesn’t get it. And I’m afraid he never will.

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