The tension mounts for John Travolta now that no less than seven men – mostly masseurs and hotel employees – have told stories about John making passes at them. It’s ironic that guys have also come forward who DIDN’T resist John’s advances and enjoyed the sex. They simply want the world to know John isn’t telling the truth – he DOES lead a double life. Travolta is rumored to be hiding out in The Bahamas with his family while Scientologists fall all over themselves doing crisis control. Of course there is much speculation that Kelly Preston is planning a 200 million dollar divorce, but we doubt it. She’s put up with John’s shenanigans all these years, so why quit now when they have kids to think about. One thing for sure – a LOT of money will change hands before this episode is finished.

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  1. I still call BS! Why now? One guy comes forward, after Travolta turns down his blackmail demands, and a parade of others jumps on the money train.

    These guys are like sharks. They all smell blood money. If it weren’t for the fact that they were after his money, then, maybe, just maybe, they would be believable. Drop the monetary gain lawsuit, and I will be the first to believe them!

    It’s the same thing that happened to Michael Jackson. Blood money!

  2. Does anybody remember back in the late 80s early 90s when someone spray painted ” TRAVOLTA ” on several street corners in West Hollywood?? It was still the era of outing people, and somebody was obviously trying to.

  3. Between unwelcome gay sexual advances and pushing scientology, he truly is disgusting.

  4. We all know that there won’t be any divorce unless Scientology decrees it. It will definitely be interesting to watch the whole tawdry mess continue to unspool, though! 🙂

  5. Can’t stand John Revolting. I have seen pics in the National Enquirer of him in gay spas, and they are not photo-shopped. And why do you think he takes off flying his own plane to exotic places? duh, plenty of open gay sex; he’s like a kid in a candy store. I firmly believe he and Kelly had some kind of agreement before getting hitched and this contract was drawn up by Scientology lawyers. It is hilarious to see the squirming going on in the inner belly of Scientology, what with one of their biggest fool money-givers being in trouble. Can’t wait until John and Scientology fall and it will be long and very painful. ha ha ha

  6. Homosexuals aren’t allowed in the scientology world —- unless you give them lots of money. Kelly has known about his lifestyle when she married him — she accepted it and will continue to do so.

  7. it happened to MJ because he was a pervert too….send the all to FAGGOT Island. It is not ok to be gay

  8. I believe that the scientology cult ALLOWED this to happen. Perhaps Travolta wanted out of the marriage and maybe even out of the cult. This “could” easily be retaliation of cult.

    I wonder how many other popular, successful ($$$) closeted gay (men & women) scientology celebrities have their little faces pressed against the glass with big curious eyes …..wondering just where all this will lead. Each one of them scared that the same thing could happen to them and to their career.

    Maybe Travolta crossed them. Regardless, I hope he flees the cult, gets out of the alleged fake marriage (wink wink) and lives his life honestly. (as in honest to himself).

    I also believe that Kelly knew about John’s preference for men long before they were married.

  9. “It is not ok to be GAY”,

    but it is ok to be; stupid, unskilled, insecure, friendless, out of work, jealous, covetous, dull witted, racist, undereducated, insecure, humourless, sub-literate, cowardly, sexually repressed, poorly dressed, oily, hateful, oh … and cruelly obsessed with complete strangers

  10. Hallelujah! Finally a comment that makes sense, Strom.

  11. Don’t forget, close-minded and downright nasty!

  12. Poor guy, he should just come out.

    Surly his family knows, his friends all do, everyone he has ever worked with must know by now. Maybe 14 people in Utah and a couple of spinster aunts in Ohio don’t know, but the rest of us do, and most of us (except creepos like Strom) don’t really care.

    It’s his and his families concern. Who is he still trying to fool.

    It’s become a secret that hurts more to keep, than to tell.

  13. Walt, if what your saying is true, that’s a systemic, complex criminal conspiracy and a terrible, and hopeless cruelty to live through for him and everyone else in a similar situation.

    I guess though, really not greatly unlike the machinations of the current Baptists, The Muslim Brotherhood or this recent version of the Catholic Church.

    How did faith become so distorted ?

  14. it’s the jews and the homos and the Khardashians and anyone from Portugal and Larry Cummings for Our Saviuors High in Easton Penn.

  15. hey shithead, I’m gonna …….. you . and quit sending me all those sexy voice messages they are way creepy. When she gets out, Im gonna tell your mom Strom.

  16. Travolta likes to be fisted. Seriously

  17. Strumpet’s Trumpet, Your right. If it is true then it would be criminal and cruel. Chances are we will never really know.

  18. thanks for sharing, but I do have question … is that you ? Mom ?

  19. Every abused, poor masseur who is cheated and poorly treated by John Travola represents a theft from a starving child who needs to be fed and clothed.
    Hang your head, John Travolta.
    Do not have your anus fisted and feed the little children.

  20. It will be interesting to see what happens to the C of S. First Lisa Marie Presley quit and now this. I think it would be fantastic if all their big money contributors would leave. I can’t see Tom Cruise doing it though.

  21. Oh no!
    Does Tom Cruise’s masseurs do that to him too?!!
    Is that what those Scientology guys do?!
    I don’t wanna fall asleep around those guys.

  22. The movie “De-Lovely” was just on in my town. There are all kinds of arrangements in this world, and Travolta being gay is not an issue, but abusing unwilling partners is criminal. Most celebritties must have screwed up visions of themselves and their importance after being kowtowed to by everyone around them. Travolta’s mistake was believing the hype used to promote him througtout all his years in the business.

  23. Not that anyone cares, but I think:
    -John is gay
    -he is under no obligation to come out of the closet (it’s ultimately none of our business)
    -Walt Cliff may have a point that the C of S is pulling the strings behind these revelations & leaks. Afterall, we keep hearing about how they control people by knowing all their secrets…maybe this time they are following through
    -John and Kelly deeply love each other; there may even be a romantic attachment, but they have limited sexual interactions. I think this is more than a bearding situation; John has a history of connections with women that I believe to be sincere (Diana Hylands, Lily Tomlin & nor Kelly Preston).

  24. “John has a history of connections with women that I believe to be sincere (Diana Hylands, Lily Tomlin..”

    LILY is lesbian, did she have a relationship (sexual) with TRAV(OLTA)? Never knew that, though I wouldnt rule it out…

  25. by sandy rose:
    “Homosexuals are now allowed in the Scientology World”.

    In that case, they will have to kick out T. Cruise and of course Travolta.

    David Miscavige, CEO of SCI, may also be gay. His wife has been missing for 6 years, and he and Tom are awfully close. SCI is full of gays, demons, idiots, and every other kind of human filth known. All they care about is money, whether you are gay or straight. Many have been murdered there and covered up the facts. THAT is a fact.

  26. RATS….meant to say NOT allowed ….not NOW allowed.

  27. Coco, XYZ is correct about Lily Tomlin. She and Jane Wagner have been together many years. Travolta and Tomlin were in a horrible movie together called “Moment by Moment” back in 1978 (His character’s name was Strip.) lol

    I believe that Preston and Travolta love each in a friendly family way but not romantic. I don’t know this for sure but this is what I speculate.

  28. If an actress has bearded for one celebrity then maybe she has successfully bearded for another one. One could always think back at the other actors she dated or lived with and see a pattern of sorts.

  29. Poor little imposter…it can just come home from call center so tired but can get its jollies by being STROM for a few minutes and JFK for a few and MLK for a few…then it has to go back to its no name world. It should read some of STROM’s writings and then really show its knowledge….but sorry they are not written in eubonics!

  30. I’ve said this before, I do not care if he, or anyone else, is gay. What I do care about is when an allegedly criminal assault takes place.

  31. Johnny I don’t care if you are a cock sucker can you just make another from Paris with love sequal. Kelly keep quite and stack those chips. Johnny you are an idiot for paying Scientology.

  32. so this entire scientology business is a public hiding place for people like john travolta & tom cruise to mask their love fo COCKS, folks!!

  33. Why should he care about his fans and reputation and answer to anyone but lawyers?

  34. People…read “Full Service: My Adventures in Hollywood and the Secret Sex Lives of the Stars.” by Scotty Bowers. Once you do NOBODY WILL ARGUE that JT is straight…

  35. Strom, I’m sorry but you are not making any sense. This post is about Barbarino, not the posters.Can’t you see that ?

  36. SOM…can’t see that an imposter took over 2 of my posts (the nonsensical ones). Some poor little imposter with no life or any self esteem….now just call Obama and have him give you something nice and it will be ok…not a job of course…it wouldnt want anything like that.

    It must have had a nice day off in its little trailer but has to go back to the call center on Tuesday.

  37. It would be interesting to check the handwriting that is supposedly Jeff Conaway’s when he wrote that he woke up at John’s house once to discover that John was giving him a blow job. Compare that handwriting with known samples of Jeff’s handwriting and see if they match. Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that John is gay. A lot of Hollyweird actors are.

  38. Sorry John it is pretty clear you have been outed…run Kelly run

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