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The Met Gala is Monday, May 6 and we just heard this EXCLUSIVE tidbit. We previously reported Kim Kardashian was wearing Balenciaga to the event which makes sense since she IS the brand’s ambassador. Well Kim pulled a fast one and decided she wanted to go in a different direction so she scrapped her original outfit and is now wearing something else and not Balenciaga. Remember where you read this, as it should send waves through the fashion world since since Kim and Balenciaga are in business together and everyone expects her to wear the label on fashion’s biggest night.

President Joe Biden made news this week when he revealed he would be willing to debate Donald Trump in their race for the White House. Here’s what we just heard. This presidential debate might be unlike any other in the our nation’s history as the plan is for Biden and Trump to each choose one moderator to ask the questions with NOTHING off-limits. While countless details still need to be worked out, including the date and location, expect a debate unlike any other. My source says Trump has yet to agree to this arrangement since he’s terrified of answering questions from the seemingly liberal moderator the Biden campaign will likely select.

Justin Bieber made headlines after posting selfies of him crying and then he was spotted hanging out in Kauai, Hawaii. Here’s what we know. Justin is blaming a lot of his emotional issues on the pressures and temptations of living in Los Angeles, so he and his wife Hailey Bieber flew to Hawaii to look at homes. They’re planning to unload their sprawling Beverly Park estate, put down roots in Hawaii, and then buy a pied a terre in Los Angeles when they need to be in town for work. They love the island of Kauai, but also are looking at Maui and the Big Island.

Britney Spears made headlines as well- for numerous reasons including fears about her financial situation, settling her lawsuit with her father, and finalizing her divorce from ex-husband Sam Asghari. We know this… Britney’s mom Lynne is more involved behind the scenes than she’s letting on, and while she’s not micromanaging Britney or her finances, she is monitoring the situation and has safety nets in place just in case Britney spirals out of control. My source says that this time around if the consensus is that Britney needs a conservatorship it will be Lynne who is in charge.

And finally this. Travis Kelce inked a two-year deal with his team the Kansas City Chiefs making him the HIGHEST paid tight end in the NFL. While his $34.25 million contract is already public knowledge, here’s something we know that hasn’t been publicized. The deal also includes a secret bonus of $100,000 per regular season game, $250,000 for playoff games and a whopping $500,000 for the Super Bowl if his girlfriend (and likely soon-to-be fiance) Taylor Swift attends. My source say that Taylor’s presence at games brings in MILLIONS in additional revenue so that’s why Travis is getting the bonuses when she attends.

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Jason Kelce made headlines with news of his retirement from the NFL, but according to our source, this might be very short lived. Behind closed doors, Jason is being wooed to put his cleats back on and join his brother, Travis on the Kansas City Chiefs. Aside from their college days, the siblings have never been teammates – although they played against each other numerous times in the NFL. Playing on the same pro team is a lifelong dream for the brothers, but Jason spent his entire 13-years in the NFL playing for the Philadelphia Eagles and he doesn’t want to tarnish that legacy. On the flip side, the Chiefs will woo Jason with a lucrative deal – they feel the appeal of Jason and Travis playing together with Taylor Swift in the stands will shatter both ratings and profits. Jason is truly torn, but our source says the draw of being teammates with Travis might be too tempting for him to pass up.

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It pays to be nice to Taylor Swift. Ever since she started dating Travis Kelce, Taylor has become part of the WAGS (wives and girlfriends) of the Kansas City Chiefs. Even though the wives and girlfriends get tickets to the away games, they don’t travel with the team and have to arrange their own transportation. Taylor has bonded with many of the group, including Brittany Mahomes and since she has her own private jet, she flies some of the WAGS with her to games. According to our source, when Taylor first started attending games some of the WAGS weren’t so welcoming -so needless to say they’re still flying commercial and not on Taylor’s jet!

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Taylor Swift could be facing her own Sophie’s Choice moment if her boyfriend, Travis Kelce and his team, the Kansas City Chiefs make it to the Super Bowl. Taylor is set to take the stage on Saturday February 10 in Tokyo, Japan, for her wildly successful Eras Tour – and from there she’s planning to fly to Australia to prepare for her concerts Down Under. Here’s the problem: the Super Bowl is Sunday, February 11, in Las Vegas, so it’s going to be cutting it REALLY close for Taylor to make it to the big game. Keep in mind, this could all be for naught since the Chiefs STILL have to win a few games to make it to the Super Bowl. But Taylor is already planning ahead, JUST IN CASE. She’s looking at chartering a long haul VIP private jet that could make the trip without refueling. Price tag $30k an hour so for the 14-hour one-way journey, a cool $420,000! Keep in mind from Vegas she would have to charter the jet to Australia for her dates so add another $500k to the cost. Total trip… one million dollars!

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When it comes to some diehard Kansas City Chiefs fans, the bloom is off the rose for their star player, Travis Kelce’s blossoming romance with Taylor Swift. Travis didn’t have his best game last night when his team lost to the Philadelphia Eagles – he fumbled the ball on an important play that could’ve won the game. Now some team management are worried that Travis‘s recent trip to join Taylor in South America took him away from practice so he wasn’t playing his best game. Behind closed doors today, some members of the Kansas City Chiefs met to discuss the situation. While they’re over the moon happy with the attention the romance is bringing to the team and the sport in general, they’re delicately trying to find out a way to let Travis know he must focus MORE on the games and practice, and LESS on international trysts with Taylor…

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Even if Taylor Swift’s romance with Travis Kelce doesn’t work out, she’s already profited from it. Taylor has been tapped to be the halftime performer at the 2025 Super Bowl! That big game will be held in New Orleans and the powers that be at the NFL think that Taylor’s romance with Travis Kelce has introduced football to an entirely new audience, so she was a natural choice. Now here’s an interesting tidbit: Although Usher is set to be the halftime performer at the 2024 Super Bowl, if Travis and his Kansas City Chiefs make it to the game there’s talk that Taylor will JOIN Usher and perform during the show! My source says it’s a lot of “what ifs” at this point, but if the stars align, Taylor might make history by performing at back to back Super Bowls!

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Will Kim Kardashian be able to do for the Baltimore Ravens what Taylor Swift did for the Kansas City Chiefs? Ever since Taylor started dating the Chiefs’ Travis Kelce and attending his games, their ratings have skyrocketed. So now the Ravens are trying to get THEIR star player, Odell Beckham Jr, to persuade Kim to come watch a few games. My source says the rumors that Odell and Kim are seeing one another are TRUE – she’s looking for a boyfriend and this time wants a jock. Although Odell was MIA during Kim’s recent 43rd birthday party, he did send her a lavish floral arrangement along with a custom made Ravens jacket. The Ravens hope Kim will draw a lot of viewers to their games like Taylor has for the Chiefs. Team management told Odell they’d be grateful (think bonus) if he gets her to attend in a VIP suite. Will Kim cooperate?  SHOULD she?

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