Jason Kelce


Jason Kelce made headlines with news of his retirement from the NFL, but according to our source, this might be very short lived. Behind closed doors, Jason is being wooed to put his cleats back on and join his brother, Travis on the Kansas City Chiefs. Aside from their college days, the siblings have never been teammates – although they played against each other numerous times in the NFL. Playing on the same pro team is a lifelong dream for the brothers, but Jason spent his entire 13-years in the NFL playing for the Philadelphia Eagles and he doesn’t want to tarnish that legacy. On the flip side, the Chiefs will woo Jason with a lucrative deal – they feel the appeal of Jason and Travis playing together with Taylor Swift in the stands will shatter both ratings and profits. Jason is truly torn, but our source says the draw of being teammates with Travis might be too tempting for him to pass up.

Photo: New Heights