If former dancer Kevin Federline is wondering why he continues to struggle with excess weight, all he has to do is look in his grocery bags. Clearly visible are Cheetos, tortilla chips,, and potato chips, and one can only imagine what’s NOT visible. Britney’s exhusband, who has 5 kids with 3 women, has appeared on Celebrity Fit Club and an Australian weight loss show (where he passed out from the heat.) The way he eats, he’ll have a big future on weight loss shows.

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  1. THIS could be a pic of me but I’m shorter, fatter and I look wayyyyy more gay. I hide it good, though.

    Meds are working, folks! I won’t be hating on Blacks and Jews tonight but who knows how I’ll feel after my pill wears off!!

  2. That is the imposter!

    I’m the real Strom! I hate Blacks and Jews started world war 3!

  3. his entire body & brains are stopped up.
    …..HE CAN’T SHIT ANY LONGER, folks!!

  4. Actually,Janet he was grocery shopping with his two kids from Shar.So,he probably bought the snacks for his kids.Nothing wrong here.

  5. Wow he is only a celeb because he was married to Britney Spears and you are posting about what he buys at the grocery store and criticizing his choices? How wrong in every way. If he wants to sit there and eat Cheetos, who cares? I am not even sure why his picture even gets on a “celeb gossip site”.

  6. Dragon this site is the gossip equivalent of junk food so why do you object, and why don’t you care about the other 99% of crapola articles featured on the menu.

  7. Well, he most likely CANNOT work due to his past so what else is a big man like him supposed to do? Yoga all day? haha

    Hollywood is such a JOKE!! OMGosh…no wonder I have always loved Independent films and musicians!

  8. Whoever wrote that doesn’t have kids or grandkids. Cheetos and chips are a must if you have kids, grandkids or a husband named Walt. lol

    We try to keep grapes & strawberries and other fruits and veggies in plentiful supply but even when they eat healthy, they still want some Cheetos or animal crackers or an occasional candy bar.

    Federline is very much like a stay-at-home-mommy. He seems to be a great dad. It’s hard to maintain your weight when children’s snacks are everywhere.

  9. Watch out. Janet is going to jump in with her self righteous kids shouldn’t eat Cheetos lecture. She’s as out of touch with reality as everyone else in La La Land. She seems to be a kid basher as well. Really aggravates me.

  10. I forget how much money Britney is paying him per month, but with her new huge-paying job on X Factor, he is sure to get an even bigger amount. His next groceries will be filet mignon, lobster, caviar, lol. Nice gig. Britney’s money keeps rolling in and she keeps dishing it out.

  11. That was my thought too, he has lots of kids who want to eat those snacks. Plus he was married to the Cheetos Queen, so he probably just automatically picks up several bags every trip, old habits …

  12. Welcome Mrs. Walt!!

    At least he bought toilet paper for the Cheetos “aftermath”.

  13. @yumyum are you suggesting that there is a celeb gossip site that is like a five star dinner? HA! They are all junk food. I just don’t think K Fed is a celeb worth the print especially about what he has in his shopping cart. That is as interesting as what my neighbor has in her cart.

  14. He hit the “jackpot” for life when he fathered the two kids with Britney. He has been on the gravy train since and will be for his life! As far as a stay at home dad he gets paid huge money every month and has no need to work. That is why he is so fat. His life is cashing checks,sharing raising kids with the nannies and making more babies.
    When he hooked up with Brit he was already a player with 4th rate celebs.

  15. Some People can’t help themselves with food and God knows it taste so good and so crunchy and sooner or later you simply have a craving!

  16. Food that taste Sinful…Is taking care of a craving for cheese and yummy-ness…Healthy food all the time can be really boring and in life every move this man makes for the rest of his life is going to be caugh on film forever…And ever! His Privacy is Gone!!!Know every mistakes he makes…He has some one over his back telling him how to live his life…So unfair.

  17. Your Body needs something to Burn off…Why not have a craving met…Food is made for a reason and that is to eat it and not every man in the word is made the same way……Poor Kevin has lost his privacy and everything this man does it going to be looked down on and like the press keep reminding him that he has 5 kids by 3 woman and he is not the first man who has done that and he simply won’t be the last and if you want to really press drama…Follow the Maury Show….Those men really light up the world!

  18. Emotions and feelings are behind food but in real life….People want to eat something that is a No…No Down the road and Mr Federline needs some breathing space and some respect and concern to ride a person over this and that is not a positive way of helping them lose weight.

  19. Any one in the world can pass out from the heat…Even skinney people do and in the future if he wants to go on more weigth lost shows…Good for him! Helping other people in the world to get there body in control is Positive.

  20. I like the fact he has massive paper towles…I like the fact that he got to marry and have children with Britney Spears what a Dream come true with any man on this earth who is in love with this girl from day one…I have a major big crush on that woman and over the years she becomes more and more Beautiful! I Look at him as being lucky on many levels..Because he got with a woman who can sing and dance and is a total Hot Babe….Britney is Breath Taking and Sexy as Hell!To Marry her would be a Dream come true but in this Post I am Dreaming and just putting some of my feelings on the table but a Crush is a Crush!

  21. Please Patrick, don’t egg the poster f/k/a Casonia on.

  22. So, he bought some junk.
    How many kids did you say he has?
    Friends dropping by?
    What does he serve them?
    Rice cakes?
    Don’t judge someone by their grocery cart, and also….
    Sometimes people have a genetic profile that will determine how they will look in middle age.
    Diet, work out, starve yourself, you are still going to look like your parents when you finally get to be ” a certain age”.

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