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Beyonce’s documentary “Life is But a Dream” debuted last night on HBO and her fans love it, the critics, not so much. It has been described as a “calculated vanity project” carefully conceived to drum up publicity for her upcoming tour. We DID get a closer look at the super-private singer’s baby Blue Ivy, however, and Ivy looks more like her daddy Jay-Z every day. In a girly way, of course. She will probably grow to look more like her mother as she gets older.

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  1. Ha ha It would be impossible for Ivy to look more like Beyonce as she grows up.. because Beyonce has tweaked her face.. with many nose jobs and other plastic surgery. Ivy might look a little like her sister Solange

  2. Ya, you’re right on there Sherry, just like Ronald and Nancy Reagan, Billy and Ruth Graham and Thomas and Martha Jefferson …. thank god you’re such a dull hateful retard Sherry lynne, ah … I guess it couldn’t be any other way really, alone in the dark ….

  3. I still don’t think Beyonce was ever pregnant — a surrogate carrier delivered. What I don’t understand is why it would be such a big deal to hide…

  4. Yes, the surrogate produced a crossed eyed baby looking fugly just like jay z. His first baby boy looks better than this one. No wonder she was hiding it.

  5. Wow – Abby, talk about hateful – you take the cake. Pot, meet kettle. Duh. Anyway, Sherry Lynee – I agree.

    These two are the black Kardashians. I am sick of seeing them. They are fame whores and they act like they found the cure to cancer.

    Hey Bey – get over your fake self.

  6. The baby is the same face as Jay-Z. She will look like her mother in time if she ends up using the same doctors to tweak her face.

    I don’t doubt the baby is Beyonce’s with how science has made so much advancement’s with technology. But regarding her carrying the baby for 9 month’s their I doubt that very much.

  7. The baby is cute..all babies are cute.How can all of you be so mean? So what if she looks like her dad? Who do you expect her to look like?

  8. @TxGal: Yes, there’s in-vitro fertilization — IVF — (the egg fertilizes, then separates into zygotes) in a petri dish, then, the egg is implanted into the surrogate carrier. So, just like Guiliana and Bill Rancic, who were completely open about their child being carried by a surrogate, the same thing w/ Beyonce. The baby is genetically Beyonce’s — she just never carried Ivy, or delivered her.

  9. Poor beyonce, she would be a million times better off if she never did an interview again. She comes off really ignorant and uneducated. at least she has all that wonderful, green money to keep her warm at night. I know she once boasted that unlike the Jackson’s she grew up middle class, but she doesn’t communicate like an adult that grew up in a middle class environment, she sounds like she grew up a poor, ghetto, bootilicius scrub! Really B, stop doing interviews or speaking in public for that matter, it does nothing more than ruin this great image your father created for you. Are you hell bent on ruining your empire by killing your public image?

  10. I can’t stand this overexposed,talenless,annoying family.Beyonce needs to go away,people are sick of her and her “perfect” life.

  11. Co-sign JanJan.

    There are such things as “less than cute babies”. This child will fortunately have all manner of money and surgeons at her disposal. Hell, she’ll probably get a nose or boob job for her sixteenth birthday.
    However that won’t fix the entitled self-important attitude she is bound to grow up.

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