One of the earliest reality shows,Queer Eye For the Straight Guy” was the surprise hit that put the Bravo network on the map. It ran from 2003 to 2008 – other countries tried to create their own versions of the show but they weren’t successful. The show’s gay “experts” Tom Filicia, (home décor) Carson Kressley, (fashion) Kyan Douglas, (grooming guru) Ted Allen, (food and wine connoisseur)and Jai Rodriguez (culture and relationships) gave an awkward straight man a total makeover every week – much to the amusement of female viewers. Our gossip pal CJ from the Star-Tribune, chatted with Thom Filicia, who pointed out that this summer is the ten year anniversary of the Emmy winning Queer Eye and a reunion of some kind is in the works. CJ remarked that the Housewives franchise likes to take credit for Bravo’s success, but Queer Eye really started them off. Thom joked “We feel like bad parents and “The Housewives” are our children – we’re NOT really proud!

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7 thoughts on “QUEER EYE REUNION?

  1. what is the red page for ? it’s ill conceived and rather tedious. Please get rid of it.

  2. Glorifying this filthy lifestyle for the purposes of ratings is not right.

  3. This show was clever and fresh, unlike much that is on TV now.

    If there is a reunion show, I nominate Strom for a makeover.

  4. and we nominate Sherrlynne, Hello, ChristineIndia and Strom for lobotomies ! but, there’ll be little or no identifiable behavioural change though …

    we’ll even pay !

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