We were just waiting for THIS to happen. When The Enquirer revealed that Whitney Houston was buried with $500,00 worth of jewelry, you could just imagine the grave robbers making plans. Whose brilliant idea was THAT? Her burial site in Westfield, New Jersey, has been closed to the general public for the past week after hordes of fans overran the cemetery. 24 hour armed security guards have been hired by the family to keep her grave from being robbed. What a waste of money.


  1. Why didn’t they put her in a crypt?? And trust…her body is not wearing those jewels. I do believe they put tracking devices in the body. All in all this is good pr for her songs.

  2. No way was she buried with a 1/2 million in jewelry.

    I hope any visitors are respectful of the other graves, but likely they won’t be. John Belushi (for those who remember him) is buried in Chilmark on the Vineyard. His wife moved him to the front of the cemetery because of complaints from other families about the damage done to other graves.

  3. Think of all of the people in Newark and around the world who could be helped with the value that jewelry. I hope that this story is bogus.

  4. Doesn’t appear to be a fresh grave nearby unless she’s under that heap of flowers. I say they were smart enough not to bury her there. Plenty of famous people have centotaphs or empty graves.

  5. Are there seriously that many dumb and desperate people in the world? Oh, yeah, my bad, there is and it never ceases to amaze me!

  6. She was the BLACK hope,,,tall and slender, not a big Aretha black. She enjoyed success and then was boo’d for being too white. Then she went ghetto and began with the free base. Her lesbianism went out of control as did her personal life. Now she is gone and she instantly becomes a saint, with flags at half staff. Clive Davis is now going to get the record company’s money repaid!

  7. No offense to JCH, but we think this story sounds like horse shit.

    Just because she was sporting the jewels the last time anyone would see her, doesn’t mean they buried her in them. Why would they?

    And any would-be grave robber(s) would have their work cut out: caskets are typically placed inside a sealed concrete vault before burial. Not easy at all to get into, without heavy equipment—and attracting a lot of attention.

    But, cosign with Mel, this kind of story is great for newspapers, blogs and record sales. 🙂

  8. The biggest robber of all is the Record Company led by Clive Davis.

  9. Why doesn’t the family issue a public statement saying the jewelry was removed and given to Bobbie Kris?????? Maybe that would settle the thieves and crackheads down that are planning to grave rob!

  10. Grave robbers have been around forever, the criminal types justify their actions by think “they ( dead people) don’t need (it) anymore”.

    Jewels or no jewels, her fans are obsessive and some of the more unhinged fans would be motivated to chisel pieces of her headstone
    (defile her gravesite) as a momento.

  11. I agree with you Sandy; Say; & Denise. It would be beyond the dumbest thing in the world to bury her in that kind of loot. I don’t think it EVER happens in fact. It would be the same thing as standing in the middle of the freeway and tossing that jewelry out into traffic to get run over and destroyed. Or tossing it off a ship llike in the Titanic. Dumb move, unlikely to happen. The daughter, SURELY, inherits her mothers things. THE END> let it go now!

  12. PS: that is the most barron, ugly gravesite I have ever seen. I don’t know why Whitney, of anyone in her family would choose to be buried there. I mean, can’t they afford some grass seeds?

  13. S-L has it right. She may have been buried w/ jewels but it was only costume jewelry. The family would not be that dumb and BK would just spend it on drugs or some female sex!

    Were her impplants removed? In all early pictures she was very small breasted but as she became more looney, her hooters became larger and larger. Another advance by Clive?

  14. The 2 part story in the NE by BB’s sister showed Whit’s drug use and increasing looniness. No doubt the family will want to deny it but may be had to do so. That topic was more relevant to her death than her lesbianism but another Clive/family hush hush topic.

  15. Moron strom as usual. WHY in the HELL would she kill herself while getting ready to go to the Oscar parties? Idiot!

    By the way, WHERE are the “guards”. All I see is dead grass.

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