This astonishing video turned up on Facebook and we just HAD to share it with you. It seems to have been made recently in the midst of Michael Jackson’s famous dermatologist, Dr Arnie Klein’s, bankruptcy problems. He’s shown discussing his facial rejuvenation techniques and demonstrating them on, of all people, Janice Dickinson. An observer described it as “surreal.”


  1. This “doctor” needs a complete psychological assessment. The word “con artist” comes to mind. Janice, you look awful.

  2. I’m not even going to click on it, cause I think Janice is hideous looking

  3. Ahem, Janice Dickinson is not exactly the best poster child for him to advertise his “skills”. Janice Dickinson & Joan Rivers look like the ugly step-sisters of Frankenstein. Ugh, talk about too much of a “good thing”, if that’s your thing.

  4. I’ll pass too. I also wouldn’t call it “surreal”. Icky is more like it.

  5. All that compulsive rocking back and forth of “Dr.” Klein made me seasick.

  6. Hey?! Does that stuff make a penis look fresh and rejuvinated?
    Can you get it without needles?
    I’m, um, asking for a friend.

  7. Bluejay, I agree completely! I also noticed he repeated himself over and over and seemed to slur his words or have some sort or speech impediment because he was sure difficult to understand. (Perhaps his detures are from “Costco”?!)

    Janice, at the beginning, he says she has no bottom face, then he says she has no chin, he does NOTHING for any of THIS problem by the way (insulting as those comments are). He AND she state this is totally, entirely painless, while she is being photographed wincing like all hell! Then he doesn’t show a before and after so we can compare!

    Let’s “face” it…the woman is, and has been for a VERY long time, totally hideous, both inside and out. Stick as many needles in her and flush her with as much crap as you can mix up from your cupboards (Jello, anyone? I prefer the lime) and you’ll STILL have a raving, distorted monster with fake tits, a mouth like a catfish, and raisins for eyes.

    We won’t even discuss what this quack did to Michael Jackson, but Janice might want to whisper in his ear “Where’s Michael’s NOSE? Where have you stashed it, or have you made some concoction out of it? YIKES! Is THAT what you just shot into my neck?”

  8. With the help of Rudy Wells and Oscar Goldman, we could make her better than before just like they did Jaime Sommers. 🙂

  9. As long as she has the catfish lips and clown’s mouth nothing he does will help.

  10. For reasons beyond me, few people are willing to talk about how dental work can alter one’s whole appearance: for better and for MUCH worse. The list of celebrities with bad dental work is endless, yet rarely talked about (Nick Cage, Liz Taylor, Regis Phillpin, Jack Lemon, and Trump, as some of the worst that come to mind) Fillers seem like a very poor and disturbing “quick fix” for problems with the lower half of the face. The results are almost always creepy and unnatural.

  11. Poor dental work can be redone with a good result but once your face looks like Janice Dickensen or Micheal Jackson there is no turning back.

    This guy is a quack and a hack and must be a 1000xs old, I would never let him near me with a syringe.

    If he thinks his work is good, he is mistaken.

  12. Walt, Janice is hardly worth $6 never mind $6million. How do you remember these character’s names?

  13. Give me Betty White any day over this wax bitch! Betty was and still is beautiful and a real doll, beloved by all in the biz and fans too numerous to count. Not a bad word ever heard about her. Funny as hell, but when you see a close up of her face you still see the beauty that she was when she was young, it is still there, and she has the prettest sparkling blue eyes!

    Janice can spend all the money she wants on her nasty mug and she’ll never come close to being as radient as Betty White! Give me natural any day over plastic, fake, wax looking creeps!

  14. She looks good from a distance, but up close you can see aging skin that no doctor can “fix” and plastic surgery that hasn’t aged well. He may mask her botched facial work, but her eyes and nose are not ready for their closeup. And never will be.

    Her face is now as rough around the edges as her personality. Take note, ladies.

  15. “spell binding?” Surely you jest!!!!! He should start by “working” on himself. Why are plastic surgeons always so ugly or plain ordinary looking, with few exceptions? But he needs the psychological work first!That will take years!

  16. When I was 13 I started using Yogurt for a homemade facial to combat acne and it worked!

    I have kept doing home spa days on a weekly basis…with cheap facial packets from the local drug store and natural remedies like cucumber slices…ever since. I’m 40 who is taken for 25 a lot!

  17. I love that the needle is marked “Single Use Only” and he is sticking it in over and over and over!

  18. Ok well you people should all be ashamed of yourself. I know Dr. Klein personally and he is a wonderful human being. It seems alot of you hatefilled people need to get your facts straight. For one Dr. Klein doesn’t have a speach impediment he actually was injured in a skiing accident which left him partially paralized, and he has came a long way in his recovery and he has never stopped working even when he couldn’t walk, because he wants to help people.

    What you think about him and Michael Jackson’s face is totally off. Dr. Klein was his Dr. after the damage had been done. Dr. Klein helped to rebuild him after his face and scalp burning and he actually rebuilt his nose from almost nothing. He wasn’t the Dr. that did any damage. And what you say about Janice, yes her face was messed up but again he is helping to fix the damage, he wasn’t responsible.

    I was attacked by a random gang member and almost murdered, and it left me with a hige scar across my face and eye. Dr. Klein met in a public setting and didn’t know me from Adam. He looked at me and could tell my scar was something emotional for me and he injected it with restilin and it really helped. He took my scar away as much as he could and didn’t ask anything in return.

    You people really need to take a good hard look at yourself and think about your words and how hurtful they are. It really says something about strangers that have nothing nice to say about each other. I really hope you have happiness in your life someday. Thank you Dr. Klein for everything you do to make people feel good about themselves, even in the midst of all these people that hate themselves.

  19. Re: Friend of the Dr.

    Are you serious? You obviously do not know him well enough to know the “ski accident” is all a made up story. Do your homework before you come here and post. He is a total quack pure and simple.

  20. Is he drunk? The slurring (and the arrogant claims) are annoying. Unless this is old, his technique that he supposedly invented sounds a bit overstated, to say the least. I feel bad for Janice bc first, at least she is honest as opposed to those other supermodels who blatantly lie about their surgeries, and secondly, she was very pretty and just has abused herself for a very long time. And I don’t know that I believe much of what Dr. Klein claims about having invented these things and being “the only one” to do them!

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