Each spring, Anna Wintour, the terrifying editor of Vogue, has an extravagant party – the Met’s Costume Institute Gala – and everybody dresses to kill. This year Anna declared the theme was “superheroes” (whatever THAT means) and strongly advised invitees to dress accordingly. She ordered all her Vogue staffers to wear white or silver. Faced with this dilemma, stars’ imaginations scattered in all directions.
Scarlett Johansson and Janet Jackson played it safe by wearing white. Scarlett is adorable in her “ballerina gone bad” outfit – especially since it’s accessorized with her new engagement ring from Ryan Reynolds. Janet’s dress is not that interesting or original but her skin looks gorgeous next to white.
This Olsen Twins photo is noteworthy most of all because they are BOTH SMILING! Ashley and Mary-Kate are starting to look less and less alike. We love the sheer frivolity of Eva Longoria’s bold purple pleated silk gown with a train- now THAT’S a party dress!
Photo Credit: Splash News

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  1. Scarlett looks heavenly, the Olsen twins look wonderful but where is Uncle Jessie Katsopolis?

  2. This is a horrible pic of Scarlett; didn’t recognize her. And the dress looks like a 50’s prom dress. The other 4 ladies look OK.

  3. Scar Jo: EHHHHH! Undercover overrated lez in fauxmance with downlow homo Ryan Reynolds.
    Janet Jackson: Bisexual bulimic with herpes gaining the weight back.
    Olsen Tweeks: Ashley is the sane one Mary Kate looks high as usual.
    Eva: YUCK…depressed over failing marriage with whore-hopping b-ball star

  4. Eva and Janet look great.
    I can’t figure out why the Olsens always look like they just rolled out of bed.
    And Scarlett – what’s up with hair? Yikes!

  5. I can not understand Anna Wintour’s influence, she is one biddy who can not dress.
    Must be the British pedigree that intimidates ignorant Americans who assume all Engish people are well bred and educated.
    Isnt Wintour a HS drop out?

  6. Why does Mary-Kate always look so terrible? I know she’s sick of the public attention, but she just looks crazy. An insane woman in pricey but always crazy-ugly outfits. Do not get it. Ashley doesn’t seem to have the same affliction.

  7. Ann Winsour is an elitist whore. When is a suicide bomber going to take her out?

  8. I wish someone would go up to that over inflated twat Anna and smack her in the face with a dirty butt plug.

  9. At least Eva covered her mustache…..Tony was busy that night, out banging a blonde.

  10. Oh gosh. The Olsons are so young and have so much money to spend on relaxing vacations and spa treatments. Why then, do they look as bad as the crack whores in the worst part of Vancouver, BC?

  11. the secret:
    getoutahere, HER PERSON?

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  13. I thought that most of the celebs looked awful this year…Posh Spice and Mischa Barton stand out in particular for the awful dresses they wore.
    Did you see Katie Holmes dress…it was gross…

  14. 9:46pm, youre lame and you are not art chic.

  15. The Olsen twins need a hair stylist Pronto!!!

  16. I could never tell the Olsen apart, but now Mary Kay is the one who looks like she’s on crack, meth and sniffs gas.

  17. oh come on, give em a break they look good..

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