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This photo will probably raise Paula Abdul’s eyebrows. Paula’s on-again off-again boyfriend JT Torregiani is seen here walking with sexy Australian model Sophie Monk, outside Beso. Is he just being polite to a customer or is it something more? Beso is JT’s latest business venture so it’s not surprising he’s nice to customers. He recently turned down The Bachelor reality series and it was speculated that he did it because he still cares for Paula. He and Paula are still more than friends, so maybe we’re jumping to conclusions.

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  1. shes ryans old girlfriend isnt she?? i bet paula and ryan will have an interesting talk about this during hollywood week which i think is coming up soon.

  2. Janet get your story straight. Sophie is not dating JT, and he did not turn down the bachelor, cause he was never offered the role. He spread that rumor to look popular. He’s also in the closet

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  4. Paula probably couldn’t care less. They haven’t been together in ages.

  5. Paula will think……Why can’t I get and keep a man, especially one that is my age and not a cheating creep…..that’s what she will think.

  6. JT lives at Paula’s house so I hope he isn’t dating other women.

  7. If I was him I’d take this pretty girl with a career over crazy Paula anyday…Paula is a total LOON!!! I used to watch that show she had and it convinced me she is totally out of her mind, she has NO self control and weeps constantly or laughs at inappropriate times. Wack job. Plus she is THE WORST “judge” on Idol, can’t STAND her blithering, to HER every performance is great and every kid has a great future…duh…they are mostly unknowns now!!!

  8. Why on Earth would any red blooded heterosexual male date the ‘expiry date passed’ Paul Abdul?
    For her wittiness, her intelligence, or her mustache lipped Arabic look?
    And to the poster that actually thinks that Ryan Seacrest dated Sophie Monk: ROTFLMAO!
    Everyone is well aware of Seacrest’s homosexuality. LOL!

  9. secretly Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul have been together since last year, Terri and Simon also broke up since a long time not 2 months ago. and for JT and Paula, they are only friends. Maybe they had been together but not anymore since long time.

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  11. If you were really a crew of AI you would know that Simon IS GAY.

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  13. As mentioned many times before Paula has a problem because of severe odor right near the fun machine. JT is a well known gobber!

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