Just because you’re cute, doesn’t mean you can get away with dressing like a clown and not be called out for it! Paula Abdul has kept her youthful looks and figure, but something horrible happened when she went shopping for an outfit to wear to the Power of Love gala in Las Vegas! What WAS she thinking? There is nothing right about this tacky, ruffly, too-short, glittery monstrosity! It looks like an Ice Capades costume from the seventies. And those tired extensions aren’t doing her any favors, either. Oh, and the matching feathery SHOES! Almost beyond belief…

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA

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  1. She looks 1000 times better than that freak Ken Doll dude you’re so obsessed with.

    Also, Janet…I thought you were pro-women. Typical lefty, say one thing and do another. You cut her to shreds. Tsk, tsk! Do I sense jealousy?

  2. Can you imagine the cat-fight that ensued between Paula and Celine, over who would get to buy and wear this fright-frock? 😀

  3. Janet, you really hate women, don’t you?
    She went to a party & dressed for it & I’ll bet you’re just jealous, that you don’t look as good as her!

  4. I agree that it’s an ugly outfit. It really looks cheap.

  5. Yo janet why is you haiting on paula you know das right!

  6. Never mind the outfit (which I rather like – it’s Tinkerbell-ish), looks like she’s had her nose chiseled down again and those cheek implants are brand new.

  7. She looks cute is an Ice Capades sorta way but amazing for her age.

  8. Paula has never had an ounce of taste. This is actually better then most of the rubbish she’s worn over the years.

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  10. What is more amazing is that she has been brought back to be a reality show judge after having an affair with contestant BLACK Corey Clark, a felon, and then telling lie after lie when she was caught. Then she went full on black in her dating and its no wonder she has been shunned by anyone with class.

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