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The truth comes out! About six weeks ago we scooped the news that Jessica Simpson’s parents Joe and Tina were getting a divorce. We couldn’t exactly tell you WHY but we alluded to “suspicious messages” that Joe was caught sending on Twitter. We knew the messages were aimed at a young GUY that Joe had become involved with, but didn’t want to risk a lawsuit. (As you know the Simpsons have plenty of money for lawyers.) Now The National Enquirer has blown the story wide open and they say Joe, 54, has come out as gay to the family. That’s why Tina filed for divorce. Whether this will affect the billion dollar empire that Joe masterminded for his daughter Jessica remains to be seen.(Avove, Joe, Jessica, and Tina)

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  1. Normally I would feel sorry for the wife and family but surely they know how he is with the bigoted things he has said and done in the past. None of the family seems very bright or like they can think critically. Sending messages on Twitter? Obviously he wanted to be caught or he would have communicated privately. Is this really a suprise? Relgious people are the biggest hypocrites on the planet. You have to lie to yourself, others and be ignorant to believe in such idiotic concepts as immaculate conception, talking snakes, walking on water and all the other bizarre stories in their fictional books.

    Every species engages in same sex behavior, there is nothing wrong with it. The problem comes when people have believed the garbage spewed by bigots to make make money and control their minds and bodies. That is what causes real perversion like the weirdos on here obsessed with anal sex…NEWS FLASH…animals engage in anal sex too! That is nature so get over it.

  2. First Lance Armstrong’s massive fraud and now this…What’s up with Texas?

  3. It seems to be the pattern with those gay bashing individuals. More they bash gays, more into that stuff they are. Just watched ‘American Beauty’… same old story.
    This Simpson guy is simply a fraud! He disgusts me.

  4. this is the bad part by being surrounded by YES-men & so professional F*GGOTS.
    well, let’s be sorry for his EX-wife!!

    (……..the *sshole)

  5. Nothing is up with Texas. This stuff happens in plenty of other places, too.

    I always knew there was something wrong with this bunch of dumbasses. I really despise these people, especially no talent, dumb, dead behind the eyes Jessica!

  6. I guess I’m missing a few pieces: I know Joe is religious, but is he some kind of born again anti-gay religious nut?

    Granted, Noblecascade, it will be hard for the children to adjust, but it’s not Jessica who will suffer the most from this turn of events.

    It’s really too bad people think they have to live a fake life just because they are gay.

  7. I have read a lot of stories on the net, where he has an unusual facination with J’s breasts – maybe he is not gay, but really wants to be a woman.

  8. irony, karma, serendipity…. pick one, it’s pure bathos, the universe righting itself, the fall from the sublime to the ridiculous … Euripides couldn’t have written it any better.

    It’s as if Strom’s oncologist was a black lesbian liberal illegal alien

  9. @Jenny, best not cast aspersions when your syntax is that of a junior ( you’ve now been warned twice, you’ll note )

    “seems very bright or like they can think critically”

    really ? Jenny ?

    i’ll bet your still a few credits shy of a degree from a sad little community college, eh ?

    keep at it !

  10. One more Aids spreading gay! Send Joe and his squeeze to Gay Island!

  11. So Jessica really didn’t design all those shoes, it was Dad.

  12. If you believe that the Bible is a fictitious book, you’d better be right, Jenny, that’s all I can say. You vomit YOUR ignorance and bigotry about Christianity, but what proof do you have that everything you mentioned ISN’T true? The onus is on you now, because you fired the first shot.

  13. I will never understand how somebody is “straight” for 50 years and then all of a sudden is gay. He has always been creepy, too involved with Jessica and her DDs.

  14. Poor Jenny, focused on anal sex instead of responding to the thread! Maybe tough for her to sit down today! It’s not about posters.

  15. Jenny, you are obviously a troubled atheist and I feel sorry for you. No one said Christians were perfect, just saved (repented and name written in the Lamb’s Book of Life).

    Of course, it is horrible for an idiot like Simpson to be married for all those years and then say he is gay. I believe he was never saved; why he would live a lie for all these years is hard to believe.

    It is of course true that homosexuality has been around since the fall of mankind (via Adam and Eve). At that time (the fall) all types of sins entered into the heart of mankind; that’s why Jesus came to earth to take our sins and die on the cross and save us.

    If you don’t like the truth….ta ta ta.

  16. palermo he didn’t suddenly change after 50 years, he hid it and lived the straight life because of all the hate out there and all the beatings and deaths.

    you didn’t CHOOSE to be straight you just knew you were at some point.

  17. Well now that clears up all the accusations of him staring at his daughters breasts.

  18. @ Palmero…are you serious? He prob got away with it b/c like most married couples the sex ended years ago or he just faked it. Its not like its that big a deal to bang a woman…lol

  19. libby, how do you know I’m straight

    Tagg, plenty of long term marriaged people are still having lots of sex. Is it that easy for a gay man to get excited about having sex with a woman, I doubt it

  20. That would be “you’re” rather than “your” in the one near the top complaining about others’ use of the English language.

  21. ” (repented and name written in the Lamb’s Book of Life).” and “that’s why Jesus came to earth to take our sins and die on the cross and save us.”

    I just love shit like this, it’s soooooo nutty ! he came to earth, ya ? like from where did he come ? oh, out there right, in space, like Xenu ? same deal right ? oh, maybe he came from Jersey, maybe.

    Christine your stupid is showing

  22. @Christine,

    your hoary references to scripture are becoming rather clumsy, quite out of context really and frankly, dumb witted.

    Save the faux proselytizing for a more appropriate venue please, preaching here, is much like a really tight-shirt on a sweaty fat girl, just not right,

    come on you know, its like totally … ewwwww

    Mark Twain was satirical of piety and organized religion in his writing, but he saved his sharpest criticism of religion for his autobiography, which by his own instructions was not published until 2010, a hundred years after his death.

    he wrote

    “There is one notable thing about our Christianity: bad, bloody, merciless, money-grabbing, and predatory,” he wrote. “The fleets of the world could swim in spacious comfort in the innocent blood it has spilled.”

  23. hey lesbian

    The Bible is not a work of fiction,

    it’s bad SCIENCE FICTION, and in 3D ! Games and action figures sold seperately

    I want the Creflo Dollar, Ayatollah Komenii, Jim Jones and Pope Alexander th5th dolls!

  24. I don’t…which ever you are palermo… at some point we all realize who we are attracted to…it’s not something we pick

  25. Strumpet:

    FYI, I can type on here anything I want,(as you can and have), especially if it pertains to the subject. If Janet wants to delete, so be it.

    So to clariify and continue:

    Revelation 20:15….”And whosoever was not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the lake of fire.”

    Revelation 21:27…”And there shall none enter heaven any thing that defileth, neither whatsoever worked abomination, or maketh a lie; but they which are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.”

    You apparently are a satan worshipper.

  26. Palermo…your point is a non-point. You asked how he could do it and I said they prob dont have sex much anymore (you assumption is they do) or he fakes it. As a Gay man…Ive had sex with numerous woman when I was younger. Its not that big a deal. Maybe it is for you though. It’s called a Preference.

  27. He is gay-well we should have seen it coming:his hair with highlights and bounce!Bwahahah!

  28. “to clarify”

    o ya thanks for clearing it all up Christine, please no more comic book excerpts …and no, I’m not a Satan Worshipper, but

    I must admit a weakness for cool gin and tonics in the garden … is that the same thing ?

    btw your brand of Christyinsanity is certainly having it’s effect as
    you’re really the worst kind of representative for your faith; tedious, sub-literate and a meany fatty girl.

    Do give it a rest


  29. Jenny and Strumpet,

    I can’t believe the blasphemous things you have said. You will be sorry for this one day and remember I warned you.

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