If Melissa Gorga is as wealthy as she wants us to think, why did she take a job promoting vodka? “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star lives in one of the biggest mansions in New Jersey and spends tons of money on clothes and frivolities. She says her very successful husband Joe (who installed a recording studio in the house for his wife) is a property developer who converts warehouses into condos. So we were surprised to learn that Melissa was making a personal appearance at our local Gelson’s supermarket in West Hollywood “signing autographs and talking about Voli light vodka.” Shoppers who saw her there reported that she was “prettier and smaller than she looks on TV.” One would think a wife with a house that opulent would be above supermarket demonstrations, but you never know!



  1. Umm, this is 2012, maybe she wants to make her OWN money. The exposure sure can’t hurt her budding singing career as well.

    Melissa was very impressive last season on the NJ Housewives. I watched thinking I would hate her, but she really won me over. She also showed Theresa & Joe Guidice in a different, not so flattering light. To say the least!

  2. Hey Patrick, speaking of The Housewives, did your wife try out for the upcoming Vancouver Housewives series?

  3. Muffie are you kidding? They exported that series up to Canada? And I thought we were friendly neighbors.

  4. Yeah Denise, it’s coming in a few weeks. I couldn’t believe it either. Its kind of not surprising though, Vancouver seems to be becoming Hollywood’s new stomping grounds.

  5. Bluejay: I hear a serious tongue in your cheek! ACTUALLY this woman is pretty allright, pretty ugly! I couldn’t figure out why her husband always has a hard on for her! PLUS she always puts him off, right on camera! (Well, I would too. Have you SEEN that guy?)

    Anyway, I wouldn’t BUY a thing from ANY of that bunch of “Italian Ghetto” acting creeps. But they ARE fun to watch beat the crap out of each other and scream over each other at Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners! So CHARMING!

  6. Damn, my sister just pointed out her clip on hair weave, right at the end of her hair-part. Still she’s very pretty reminds me of that Nicole chick in the Pussycat Dolls.

  7. Most of the “Housewives” would make appearances at slaughter houses if it promoted them. She’s just trying to promote herself and get some publicity. As far as rich…I’m sure they’re mortgaged to the hilt and will probably file bankruptcy in a year or so…isn’t that the “Housewife” wasy?

  8. Mel: put your glasses on honey. Didn’t you notice the Howard Stern Honker on her? Pretty???????!!!!!!hahahahahahahahahahahha!!!!

  9. if you think that horse face is pretty….well…you need an eye doc STAT!

  10. I was just searching up rapper Pitbull on WIKI, and I found out that he is majority share holder in this Vodka company. This is what the company had to say about their partnership:

    So what do you do to bring a sense of coolness to your brand?…I don’t just mean a plain ‘oh that’s kinda cool’ type of cool..I’m talking an energized, talented, and creative type of cool…that only certain people can pull off…Answer: You land a deal with one of the hottest rappers around…Pitbull. Following in the steps of P. Diddy and Ludacris, Pitbull has recently jumped into the liquor business as well by partnering with Voli Light Vodkas.

    With over 5 millon Facebook fans and over 400 million YouTube views, he will most definitely add some energy and life into this brand.

  11. I guess I will take that as a NO, how about Hippo Housewives?? Just joking hahaaaaaa

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