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Life is good for Valerie Bertinelli. She has a new book, “Losing It,” and a new talk show coming up. And she doesn’t hesitate to discuss her exhusband Eddie Van Halen. Valerie talked to Ladies Home Journal about Eddie’s “denial:” “The guy has mouth cancer, gets part of his tongue cut out, and he insists cigarettes have nothing to do with it. You should have seen the guy he attributes his “cure” to. They sat around drinking and smoking in our hotel room. But the cancer hasn’t come back, so who am I to say!” Life isn’t so hot for Eddie – he recently left his band tour and went back to rehab for alcohol abuse.


  1. The OPPOSITE applies to the next statement: Sounds like life is really good for Val, and sounds like this book is soooo interesting. These two back and forth, off and on, nut cases are looney toons. And she better always watch her weight; those fat cells fill up quick after 4 or 5 hefty meals.

  2. What a piece of work those two are. Both dysfunctional, abusive and addicted losers.
    They definitely did deserve each other and the misery they inflicted upon each other

  3. Valerie is not as sweet and innocent as she appears.

  4. I luv luv luv Val. Always have always will. Good for her, she looks amazing. You just watch that book go to the best seller list. More power to Valerie! As for Ed, I think the guys is now reaping what he sowed.

  5. She’s a good person. She’s made some mistakes and bad choices, just like the rest of us. It’s just too bad she named her kid “Wolfie.” With a name like that, what else could he turn out to be but a musician? I hear he’s 16 and touring with his dad (well, was), so what about school?

  6. Janet, thank you for lifting this story right from people magazine’s website. Do you pay them a residual for using their material? Now Val wants to revive her “America’s Sweetheart” image modeled after Katherine Heigl and Rachel Ray. Perfect for the sub-intelligent crowd Johnny Lunchbucket and Mabel Minivan.

  7. Used to love her until she started telling all the sordid details of her scuzzy life. And Eddie is still her son’s Dad, so shut the hell up about him Val

  8. The thing that bothers me about her book is that she gloats over a photo of her son giving her an open-mouthed kiss that looks like the kiss of a lover.

  9. She didn’t say anything about Ed that people didn’t already know. I think it’s great she told so much in her book. It shows she’s real and not perfect. Plus it shows people not to be jealous of those who seem to have it all because it’s usually not the case. As for the photo of her kissing Wolfie. It is on the mouth but I would hardly call it open mouthed. Lots of parents kiss their kids on the mouth cause they’re used to doing that since the kids were babies. I’m sure it was just a peck that got captured in a photo. It’s innocent. Get your minds out of the gutter people.

  10. I love Wolfgangs name. Very cosmopolitan. But I bet it was Ed’s idea to name him after a great and prolific composer.

  11. If you’re going to write a book about your life experiences you should be honest or why bother. I think it’s great she told it like it was for her and didn’t sugar coat everything. A while back I looked forward to reading “Secrets Of A Sparrow” Diana Ross so called autobiography. Boring! So full of lies and half truths and huge omissions all together. Like the whole Barry Gordy affair and their love child. It could have been a sizzling read and made the NY times best seller list but it was only a disappointment instead.

  12. He’s always been a boozer. I’ve seen him a few times in the past years and always had the cig hanging out of his mouth. He sounds like a stubborn dumbass that thinks he knows it all and always has to be right. Like most men.

  13. I haven’t read her book but have seen her on some talk shows, I was very surprised at how unfriendly she seems I guess I’m used to the old show where she was always happy and smiling. I wonder how she’ll do on her talk show.

  14. She was a weird looking teeny bopper on ‘One day at a time’, with a wide face and large forehead. Nothing has changed much except chosing to marry a rocker; almost always leads to chaos and divorce. She’s no angel, and I don’t feel sorry for her at all. Her time will soon be up, and no doubt she will pork up again, as she loves to eat like Oprah. I feel sorry for the kid, Wolfgang.

  15. Hef, what’s the chance of putting her in her birthday suit and doing a page or two ?
    One she see those photos – she’ll be back at the gym to burn off those extra pounds – why photoshop them off when a little exercise will get her back in form and on the market.
    In terms of Eddie… his book will probably be out soon and will be hanging out with Clapton or some of his friends who’ve gone thru the process.

  16. valerie, i loved your look great. i am also trying to lose weight. it is’nt easy but you have been an inspiration to me.

  17. Valerie Bertinelli is really great and I wish her the best, she’s been an inspiration to me in taking off 25 pounds. Me and my friends are going to see her speak at the women’s expo in Phoenix in a few months! Hope she keeps the weight off and look forward to her talk show!

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