We’re fascinated by Cynthia Rodriguez’s choice of words when she accused Madonna of destroying her marriage to baseballer Alex Rodriguez. She never used the words affair or cheating. She did use the term “marital misconduct” which her lawyer describes as “an affair of the heart.” We’re thinking Madonna didn’t fool around with Alex at all – what she did was WORSE. She seduced or “recruited” him into her Kabbalah cult. And Madonna’s Kabbalah pal Guy Oseary helped her bring Alex into the “fold.” Alex is quite a catch for the group. Cynthia did play up the fact that she is Greek orthodox and apparently wants to keep her distance from Kabbalah. Madonna didn’t capture Alex’s HEART, she BRAINWASHED him! Cynthia had better get her money out of that marriage before the Kabbalahs get it.

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  1. Madonna needs the blood of the living to continue to exist. That’s why she seduced Alex Rodriguez. You’re damned right about Cindy getting her money out quickly. Don’t let Madonna’s vampire cult deprive you of what’s rightfully yours, Cindy!

  2. Tom Cruise hates the Material Girl; she reeled the big one into the cult ship Kabbalah. And Scientology soooooo did want him.
    Cynthia, go shop ’til you drop; buy, buy, buy, and then get the very best lawyer and nail this serial cheater.

  3. Scieno-crazy got Becks and Will Smith. Do those two together equal an A-Rod?
    hmmm…these people are all nuts.

  4. It is amazing to me that when a ‘celeb’ commits adultery, makes porn videos, (and does all other Hollywood weirdness) that the dumber they become. The richer and more famous they become, the more cults (Kabbalah and Scientology) try to get them for their money and fame. The stupid a**es keep getting more idiotic and the cults move in. Beyond belief.

  5. She’s a nutzoid. If I saw her coming down the street, I’d cross the street and run.
    What a freakin’ flake she is.
    And to think – she has kids…
    Her and Tom Cruise should be stripped of their parental rights because they don’t practice decent parenting.
    He hardly lets his kids see Nicole, and she runs her house like a prison.
    Ha! They’re both so screwed up that it’s not even funny. It’s never funny when kids are involved.

  6. I wish wish wish and hope hope hope the paps catch Ms. Whore and A-Rod together and they both get what they deserve (divorces where Guy and Cynthia keep the kids). The way times are now, though, they will probably have more fans than ever. If they are committing adultery, they will surely answer on Judgment Day. Madonna and A-Rod are NEVER just ‘friends’ with the opposite sex, get real.

  7. Madonna is pure unadulterated evil. The devil incarnate. The collapse of modern civilization will be caused by two individuals: Madonna and Oprah.

  8. She has no morals, none at all, yet millions still look up to her. I have heard Britney say she is her ideal. Kelly Ripa said that she worships her. This demon-inspired whore is extremely screwed up in her mind. I agree with 11:54 PM regarding Madge and Oprah. Oprah has turned to totally New Age false teachings. The Bible said in the last days (before Jesus returns) that many would embrace evil and lusts of the world.

  9. A-Rod looks really dumb. I mean high school dropout dumb.

  10. 8:30 AM.:… Yes, he looks dumb because he is. Madonna is also dumb, but she is as devious and cunning as the devil, and A-Rod is not cunning, just plain dumb.

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