Is anyone else sick to DEATH of hearing Tom Cruise brag about all the stunts HE supposedly performed in his new Mission Impossible movie? Tom seems determined to make himself look like some kind of brave HERO for all the foolhardy chances he took. Even his costars talk about Tom’s athletic feats when promoting the movie. What we’d like to know is, if these stunts were actually dangerous, why would the company insuring the expensive production ALLOW the essential leading man to actually risk life and limb? They not only FROWN on such behavior, they don’t ALLOW it. Did the church of Scientology pay for the insurance?

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI


  1. Tom Cruise received a super duper review for his new movie in the local paper. I intend to see it based on the review. Tom, apparently, has many talents, which include producing, directing, acting, and performing stunts.

    Perhaps the man attributes his good fortune to Scientology. Maybe Tom Cruise needed something to set him on a path, that would focus his supposed ADHD problems. Who knows?

    Perhaps we can all agree that Tom is a non-violent person trying to achieve life goals, and maybe he’s in something’s clutches, and we hope not. We hope the man is safe and sound, and surrounded by good people.

  2. thats his way to attract dumb americans to the cult of the sick scientology business.

  3. thanks bluejay
    wacky sick phony scam religion aside
    i like TC
    he’s a good guy
    kind, respectful, works his ass off, good to his fans, dedicated, other than COS association
    which perhaps he cannot flee for known reasons on what they would do to him, he gets a 11 in my book. rock on tom. don’t let the assholes get you down.

  4. Tom Cruise – isn’t he the one that gets married and when his wife/wives don’t obey him and his beliefs, he makes their lives hell?

  5. I was surprised that anyone still cared about him at all. This latest push in the press in support of his movie is ridiculous– he’s old, yesterday’s news, and a laughingstock. #nothingtoseehere #boredofitandhim #notthesharpeststick

  6. The Mormons are far more dangerous than Scientology ever will be.

  7. good to his fans? really…this item is obviously about him

    In this case, publicists contacted some of his super fans in a specific city and notified them that the actor was going to be at a certain place at a certain time. They were told to bring as many friends and family members as possible who would yell and scream and mob him. In return, they were promised that he would personally meet and greet each super fan.

    So although it looks some spontaneous, rogue crowd of fans surprised him in his travels because they are all dying to see his new movie… all of that chaos was actually planned, orchestrated, and heavily marketed in advance!

    doing everything he can to drum up good publicity

  8. I never really know how to critique Tiny Tom.
    All I can think of is that scary demonic laugh which has been played over and over on TMZ.

  9. ‘good to his fans really?” wtf does this have to do with how NICE he is to people….jesus….anything to make him look like a dick.

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