We thought Lena Dunham was brave when she wore that too-tight jogging outfit for “Girls,” but she topped herself when she turned up on the Hamptons beach in this teeny bikini. And her “cover-up” really doesn’t. She nonchalantly did several interviews on the sand. Let’s face it, more people look like Lena in a bikini than Jessica Alba. And Lena was there for a good reason – the Paddle for Pink charity event raising money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. And that’s what really counts.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI


  1. The woman’s young enough that her fat doesn’t congeal in globs under the skin.

    Good for Ms. Dunham for being brave in the face of public scrutiny.

  2. Two stories on the lady, and ENDLESS comments from the a – hole strom.

  3. Now all that is required is for the Pied Piper to leave the PC march and little Angelo to leave early from the Gay Pride march and chime in. They all fit in well w/ Lena!

  4. No pics of Lena laying waste to the complimentary buffet?

  5. I’ve watched girls nibble away at half an apple, diced into little chunks to make it last longer. That’s all she’ll eat today.

    I’ve watched girls drink five litres of water because ‘sometimes you’re not actually hungry, it’s just thirst’. I’ve watched girls drink tea like it’s liquid gold, to pinch their stomachs and feel sick at the sight of the rolls.
    I’ve watched girls exercise until they faint, until their hearts threaten to beat straight out of their chest because it’s the only way they feel loved.

    I’ve watched girls do mental calculations of how much they’ve eaten, 110 calories from a large apple, only 55 from half.
    I’ve watched girls cry in front of the mirror because they’ll never be size 6, never mind size 4, or 2, or 0.
    I’ve watched girls hide in bulky clothing when all they’ve ever wanted is to wear dresses that don’t cover everything up. I’ve watched them flinch when people say, “I like girls who have big appetites.” I’ve watched them smile when people say, “you’ve lost weight, haven’t you?”

    I’ve watched girls who hate themselves so much they refuse to accept affection. I’ve heard their silence when people comment on how little they are eating – they think: ‘at least now I don’t have a reason to look this way’.
    I’ve watched girls measure their worth by the gap between their thighs, gripping skin and bone, convinced it’s fat that can be burned.
    I’ve watched girls, living skeletons, who laugh and smile just like everyone else, who needed someone to lend them a little strength when they couldn’t find their own, for someone to reach out and say: ‘can’t you see you don’t need to do this to be beautiful? You don’t need to do this to be loved.

  6. strom would rather be insulted than be ignored. Thrive on insults dontcha. Sick.

  7. No, she looks pretty good. Put her on a beach with lots of other people, and she would disappear into the crowd. No different than most of the American population. Certainly not the California movie/celebrity population, but she’d pass in most of the states as normal.

  8. She’s grotesque. It’s not so much that she’s fat but that she’s out of shape. She looks like a person who could have a great figure but chooses not to out of laziness. She’s rich so why doesn’t she get a personal trainer?

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