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Much of the amazing cast of the updated version of “The Women” showed up at the premier located, ironically, at Mann’s theater in Hollywood. From left are Jada Pinkett, Annette Bening, Debra Messing, Meg Ryan, Eva Mendes, and Debi Mazar. A superb collection of acting talent. There’s not a single man in this cast and we can hardly wait to see how they pull that off. Not even a cab driver or doorman?

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19 thoughts on “THE WOMEN: NOT A MAN IN SIGHT

  1. Can’t wait to see this movie. Should be a lot of fun to watch with a girlfriend or two.

  2. It’s bound to be a flop, I did not even realize a remake of the 1930’s classic “the Women” was being remade. I did not hear anything about this movie until recently, no advance buzz.
    And Debra Messing?
    Come on now, you KNOW that girl is “made for tv”.

  3. Besides Eva Mendes, that is a scary looking group. Women just don’t age well.

    Obama and the media are hiding his radical marxist views and has not been vetted properly by the media because they are to busy campaigning for him and his angry bride.

  5. Annette Bening, crimies, just shave the rest of the sparse stuff off your head and be done with it. Her dress makes her look very old.
    Why would Eva wear a drapery/curtain?
    Will Debra Messing ever get a tit job?
    Debi Mazar’s dress is faux snakeskin and makes one dizzy looking at it. Her chin is long.
    Meg Ryan still trying to look like America’s Sweetheart. Never could understand how she got that title anyway, years ago.
    Jada Pinkett…too short, too short, too short. Not pretty; reports are that Will and she have affairs, but have an understanding not to tell each other.
    All done, at last. Well us common folks have renewed hope now looking at these hags.

  6. Would rather watch the original movie and it’s stellar cast…..though some of these gals are great actresses (one; annette); no one can touch the actor’s in the first one…..

  7. i don’t care one way or another about this movie
    but janet, the folks who post to your site are t.r.a.s.h.!

  8. These people insult our intelligents, are all socialist left-wingers, and promote the worse moral standards on earth. But they need our money and want us to see their garbage, no thanks, I watch the older movies where the stars really loved this country.

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