Paula Abdul has every right to resent the fact that journalists are SO interested in HER reaction to the new American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi. As soon as the new judge was announced, the press jumped on Paula and ONLY Paula for her response. Are they trying to plant the seed that Paula might be replaced? Even the LA Times wrote “Move Over, Paula Abdul.” No one seems to be beating on Simon Cowell’s or Randy Jackson’s door for a comment. It’s an insult to Paula – and ALL women – to assume there would be any jealousy or insecurity on her part. As crazy as Paula is, she is an integral part of the show and viewers get a huge kick out of her. Give Paula a break.

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  1. Women are always leery of each other. Kinda like the law of the jungle. It’s been this way since the beginning of time. They are even more insecure when they think their man may be led astray by the many whores out there.
    Example: Kelly Ripa makes 95% of the family income, yet she felt threatened when her Latin stud-puppy went to Australia to make a forgettable film with Vivica A. Fox; so she flew to Australia to keep an eye on him. The Paula thing is sorta like this, but not exactly.
    Women basically don’t trust each other, when it comes to their man and job security.

  2. I agree with you 100%. Paula explained the first time she was asked about Kara that they were friends and that she had mentored Kara and even invited her to stay at her house until she got settled in LA. She took her around and introduced her to people in the industry. But no one will be satisfied until there is talk of cat fights between the two because they are women.
    Paula has a definite place on the show and she will try her best to make this new format work. Go Paula

  3. Thank you for saying something. It’s been driving me crazy. Even the pictures the press use are pathetic. They use a nice one of Kara and an unflattering one of Paula. Now call Paula crazy, but the woman is HOT!
    Simon wants a new girl to flirt with, but I think it very well might blow up in his face, because the two with the real CHEMISTRY is Paula and Kara. It will be any man’s wet dream to watch those two together.

  4. You have got to be kidding, right? Yes, the implication is Kara will eventually replace Paula but this is hardly without cause. Was Randy accused of secretly helping a contestant? Did Simon appear drunk while doing a satellite interview? Did Randy critique a performance that didn’t happen? People have been calling for Paula to get the boot forever. And now finally, we are going to see how a professional, articulate, and capable woman handles the job. Paula is not going to come out looking good. Hence, is it any wonder why the press is asking Paula how she feels about Kara?

  5. It’s a total insult to women and it’s disgusting how the “press” took Paula’s first interview with those DJ’s in Az and totally manipulated it to make it sound like Paula was displeased. She has said the same thing the whole time “she is thrilled that Kara is joining them”
    If anyone should be afraid of leaving it is poor Randy. No one ever talks about him.
    And LOL Mark the two girls do make a hot couple. Now that would be some must see TV

  6. Paula is my favorite judge. I’m a school teacher and Paula is the only one on that panel that treats the contestants with respect and actually tries to “teach” them anything. Remember some of these kids are only 16.
    People might enjoy watching other people being insulted and degraded but it really shouldn’t be celebrated.
    I’ll take Paula and her slight ditzyness any day. She is kind, compassionate, and actually gives a damn about the human spirit.
    And I can guarantee you if any of you are parents, you wouldn’t tolerate Simon speaking to your child the way he speaks to other’s.

  7. I can definitely “EAT” a DONUT with this woman!!

  8. As a previous poster said, Paula is known to have a bit of odor. This is a nice way of moving her along….gaminess is not apprciated in TV land.

  9. I never COULD stand Paula, not only “ditsy” (drunk, stoned, crazy, in pain,whatever, it’s NOT OKAY for her to be that way when she’s GETTING PAID TO DO A JOB CRITIQUEING SOMEBODY)!!!
    Simon is the ONLY one who gives REAL critique, tells it like it is, if they want to be coddled they shouldn’t be in a contest.
    All Randy can do is say DAWG which was OLD the second time he said it…what is he…in first grade? It’s a’riiight….HOW STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yes, bring in the new blood, one for Paula, who is beyond useless,and one for Randy, he has another show now anyway. Get rid of him, maybe put in Gene Simmons, he has at least a vocabulary past 3 words!!!
    I say Simon, the new gal, and Gene….KISS it!!!

  10. Yours truly is ‘on the fence’ regarding Paula.
    She is/has had to take strong medication due to an accident which injured her back, thus having chronic back pain. Some of her ditzy behavior is probably caused by too many pain pills that maybe seeps thru the skin causing an unpleasant odor. I still think she is entertaining and brings a certain amount of “what’s she gonna do next” to the floundering A.I. I feel sorry for her because of the pain and her shabby love life.

  11. Of course the press is interested in what Paula has to say: No telling what she will say, it may start her on another brainless monologue that makes no sense but is great press. Paula Abdul is an embarassement as is any woman who tries to act 18 when she is way way past that age. Everyone has a goofy friend and you call them just to get their reaction. If Paula would sober up and talk intelligently then the press would not be all over her.

  12. Paula Abdul is amazing. And all of you Paula is drunk/crazy will get what’s coming to you because Karma baby, is a bitch.
    This a woman who has been through major medical conditions and has been living in chronic pain for the last 20 years. Maybe she should have gone and shot herself, or maybe she should have sat on her couch and collected disability, or maybe as she has done, she should soldier on through the pain, persevere and continue to work and live her life.
    What makes me ill is that the press is so focused on a possible “cat fight” between these two women, that they completely ignore the fact that she just two weeks ago, she had a 7 hour disk replacement surgery and spent almost a week in the hospital. Radio silence on that one. Kardashian stubs her toe and it a major head line?
    All of you Paula is drunk people can have your fun, but you only make yourselves sound really stupid. I mean seriously stupid.

  13. American Idol jumped the shark and it is boring.
    Another judge will not help.

  14. Janet,
    you are such a hypocritical Coont. On one hand you think it’s an insult to women because idiots in the press are asking Paula about a new female hire yet you go to great lengths to criticize females for what they wear, etc.

  15. I agree 100%. It’s the first thing I thought when I read the announcement too. I don’t think Paula is jealous, BUT I do think that the Idol People could be coming to her defense and are fanning the flames. I think they like all this negativety and if I was Paula THAT is what would be pissing me off. The lack of support from the people who have employed her for 7 years and who she hepled put on the map!!!!

  16. Thank you SO MUCH for saying this. It’s despicable how the media always pits women working together in showbiz against each other. Nobody’s asked Simon or Randy or even Ryan if they’re going to feel threatened by the new judge. Just because she’s a woman, and because Paula’s everyone’s favorite target anyway, the media automatically takes the “new judge threatens Paula’s territory!” angle. I don’t care what anyone thinks about all the rumors surrounding Paula; nobody deserves to be treated the way the press has been treating Paula these last few days.

  17. The new jusde is actually a nobody so it’s not a biggie. Hope P gets the heave ho before she has another interacial affair on the show. No wonder there is a smell.

  18. strom take your jack boots adn march to hell.
    idol has jumped the shark. simon has done this formla on every show and i refuse to be baited into this. i will not wattch this season because of this format. pitting tow women against each other over an aging, resculpted, smoke filled pompous queen.

  19. strom take your jack boots adn march to hell.
    idol has jumped the shark. simon has done this formula on every show and i refuse to be baited into this. i will not watch this season because of this format. pitting tow women against each other over an aging, resculpted, smoke filled pompous queen.

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