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We’re truly saddened by the loss of Brittany Murphy at the age of 32 – we’ve loved her ever since “Clueless.” She was a sweet girl who always seemed to be searching for happiness and we have to confess we weren’t thrilled by her choice of husbands. UK writer Simon Monjack just never seemed like her type and gave us an uneasy feeling. We were NOT happy to learn that the sudden marriage took place a month after he was arrested for having an expired visa. He was described by many as a “con man” and “grifter.” Our uneasy feeling accelerated on November 29 when Simon had to be removed from a flight that arrived at LAX from Puerto Rico and he was taken to the hospital, described as “incoherent.” Brittany insisted it was “asthma.” After her mother discovered Brittany collapsed in the shower and paramedics were working to revive her lifeless body, a neighbor reported that Simon was staggering around, dazed, in pajama bottoms, and didn’t go near the gurney. Will he inherit all her money? There’s a LOT more to this story than meets the eye.


  1. I’m curious why the news is reporting that it was natural causes. How can they possibly know that without an autopsy or toxicology report. She looks severely anorexic in that photo.

  2. From the beginning, this has seemed suspicious. The most recent thing I read is that he is refusing the autopsy. That is a huge red flag.

    Oddly, the pair of them recently started popping up in airports and being photographed by paparazzi, and then this weird thing with him being taken to the hospital.

    Some reports were that he called 911, some were that her mother did. One report said that he claimed that he had called 911 and then afterward she had had the cardiac arrest. In any case, 911 seems to have been called far too late.

    None of it holds together; and there is something that seems really suspicious. The quotes attributed to the mother seem odd, as well; does anyone know what she is like? Ashton Kutcher initially twittered “2day the world lost a little piece of sunshine. My deepest condolences go out to Brittany’s family, her husband, and her amazing mother Sharon” which seems to inadvertently convert the whole tragedy to an attempt to suck up to the mother, so for all we know she could have a history of going with younger men, or her daughter’s boyfriends.

    Do either her husband or mother have money problems? Sad to say, but “Follow the money” holds true for so many deaths that turn out not to be accidental.

    I never knew the girl, but she seemed to have a fragility and I feel saddened and shocked at this turn of events, whether there are eating disorders or self-ingested drugs contributing to this or not.

  3. Drugs + anorexia = death at a young age.

    He didn’t want an autopsy because when she married him she converted to Judaism and Jews don’t believe in autopsies.

    I smell another “accidental” overdose a la Heatgh Ledger. I wonder if one of the Olsen twins was nearby….

  4. I’ve always wondered what ‘dirt’ he had on her that made her marry him to begin with, and to stay with him. He was a mess, and she might have been diabetic and it might have added to her death, but drugs, legal or illegal will be the cause, which is sad. Maybe she medicated to be able to stay with the troll.

  5. He looks slimy. They will hopefully check him out thoroughly to see if he plied her with drugs or caused her to think she was fat, thus anorexia.

  6. this is NOO mistery at all.

  7. ‘Etienne’ – i agree with you. I hate to speculate but at this stage; but yes maybe drugs were involved. So sad, as she was so young.

    RIP Brittany…

  8. Janet, you should just STFU… all you’re doing is speculating… you know nothing, you should just zip it until we know “facts”, not a bunch of crap that you “think”.

  9. I am so sad because of this. Brittany was a truly unique actress, and her role as Tai in Clueless was classic. I just hope she wasn’t in any pain, and that she rests in peace now.

  10. I’m very saddened by all of this. I was pulling for her to get her life back on track and get away from those who didn’t have her best interests at heart. I hope any such people get their comeuppance.

    My deepest sympathy to her family. I hope she’s in a better place now.

  11. “Natural Causes” means that the death was not a homicide (no one else killed her), it wasn’t a suicide, and it wasn’t from an accident. While it doesn’t seem natural for a 32 yr old woman to die of cardiac arrest, if she was anorexic and/or had other health issues and her heart failed, that is considered “natural” in the manner of death according to the definitions of the coroner. If she was stuffed full of (legal and illegal) drugs like Heath Ledger or DJ AM then that would be considered “accidental” if it wasn’t a suicide. A ‘natural death’ means that no one is at fault for the death, and she didn’t intend to die and didn’t take her own life.

  12. It seems like the world is getting more and more empty. Brittany was a great actress, and she seemed like a very kind person. She will be greatly missed……..

  13. Janet seems to be an astute observer of human behavior, and her hunches are pretty right on. So Fabu, why don’t you follow your own advice. Oh, and cut the nastiness.

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