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Guy Ritchie arrived in London with his sons Rocco, 9, and David, 4, where they will apparently spend the holidays together. The question is: Will the boys be allowed to have a tree and gifts? Madonna banned the observance of Christmas when she became involved in Kabbalah. Knowing how controlling she is, we’re betting Guy wouldn’t DARE defy Madonna and enjoy an old fashioned Christmas with his sons. But he’s grateful to have Rocco and David with him.


  1. The father can any kind of holiday celebration he likes as long as it’s legal and not harmful to his children. He might work on making Davids’ public attitude and conduct a little nicer. Poor kid is only with mom when she wants some publicity so he hates the papps. They learn young what’s up.. she is not fooling anyone on why she adopts and quickly goes to work so she can ignore them. Most hollywood moms do this. Like SJP. Kudo’s to the best loving and wise mom., Jennifer Garner.

  2. dee cee I disagree with your choice of ‘best loving and wise mom’. Parents to mean to spend the money they more than have to get the best education for their kids, by sending them public rather than private – then get upset when their kid get stalked!

  3. Thereby putting further strain (financially) on a public school that would be better spent on more resources on more kids.

  4. Not to mention a mother who puts up with a philandeering/gambling husband – yeah real good example to set for your daughters

    Go Jen – Mother of the *cough* year!

  5. Rocco looks identical to his father! No Madonna genes there! Hopefully he missed out on her crazy genes as well!

  6. So if he is jewish and she christian, no menorah in the house. No court would sanction this. If she threatens, he can always solicit the court to keep his kids as primary custodian. But I doubt it would come to that because these people are not normal.

  7. Madonna is mad as a hatter. If she were some blue-collar mom, the kids would have been taken from her long ago. Well, at least they will have the money for the life-long therapy they will need.

  8. When it comes to religion, Vadge is nothing. Unless Kabbalah is a sort of ‘religion’, and if it is, then she worships Satan. She is certainly not a Christian by any sense of the word.

  9. A Christmas tree and decorations come from a pagan holiday to celebrated the Winter Solstice…Christ wasn’t even born in December from the Hebrew calender he was supposedly born in September by the alignment of the stars at that time etc.!

  10. this year SANTA is choosing for a DILDO instead of guy rithies PENIS in his ass, folks!!

  11. gerard, or ‘captain america’ as you are called now, give it a rest you creep. good lord janet, is there any way to get this freak off your site, i just don’t get it.

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