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Over the years, Jonah Hill has gradually become a whole new person. He’s come a LOOOOONG way since he played a chubby nerd in “Knocked Up.” Will this self-improvement derail his acting career? Probably not. He has four movies in production right now.


  1. It’s interesting how unattractiveness and limited talent can get you a great Hollywood career these days. What is Jonah’s secret?

  2. Secret, you ask???????

    My guess would be nine and a half fabulous inches that would make mamma’s mussy rumble like the Japanese coast line.

  3. I’m not familiar with his acting but I’d say for a young man he is actually fairly good looking now and I’m sure it was pretty hard to lose the weight. I hope he manages to keep it all off and even be a tight shirtless hunk!

  4. His drug addiction made him lose so much weight. No lie and no kidding.

  5. @Robin

    LOL!!! 🙂 🙂


    Good for him. It is always good to see someone getting fit. He looks much better and I bet he feels like a million dollars!
    Bet his lovelife has improved too.

    I love to eat but I have to walk and jog to balance it out. Without exercise, I would be as big as a barn. lol

  6. Robin, you’re phrasing is suspiciously like that of Mrs. Patrick Campbell. New identity perhaps?

    Jonah looks much healthier, and I assume his success is because he’s a very funny guy.

  7. let’s wait & see when “Burger King” pays a visit to his mobil home, folks!!

  8. Good luck and hope you can hold on to your new look and my god you really busted your ass and really put the peddle to the metal really moving and shaking and lost so much weight? Hope you hold on to it and never let any one stress you or give you a head trip again and Wow what made you make that move and Yes if your happy and cheerful about the move and changing of your body then be happy and well wishes and you do look great and you look really healthy and strong and tone.

  9. Looks like he had the weight reduction operation. I never seen pics of him exercising, walking, eating a salad. They must be giving those out like candy. How much does that procedure goes for?

  10. @Hello,

    I think you are right about that. Maybe it’s a buy 1 get 1 free at the drive thru window!! LOL 🙂

  11. The Coke Diet does a fat body good..pass it on..hahah

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