We have to admit we were appalled by the Octomom Nadya Suleman’s attitude on that flight back from New York after she appeared on the Today Show. The show generously put Nadya and 12 kids in business class but the flight was delayed for two hours and the kids were screaming and howling. When Kristen Johnston came back from first class to complain about the noise, Octomom did NOT apologize – she belligerently asked “How do you expect me to control eight 2 year olds?” Johnston logically replied “Get help!” before she exited the plane. Nadya COULD have flown coach and paid for help, but apparently she’s arrogant and thinks the world should cater to her because she‘s a mother. Her final comment says it all: “I guess there’s some people that don’t like kids.” Hey Nadya – NO ONE likes kids with ignorant parents that allow them to run wild! Get a grip and get some manners!


  1. I’m sure Casey Anthony would have been able to handle the situation.

  2. Maybe the Today Show had the business flight schedule locked in and she couldn’t change… I watched the interview and was stunned to hear her say that cleft palates are “very common” (not THAT common, and when is she gonna get her kid’s fixed?) and that she has been working for the last year as personal trainer!

  3. It really was none of Ms Johnston’s business was it! It was not Nadya’s, or the children’s fault the flight was delayed. I think Ms Johnston got of lucky, if it had of been me, I would have told to take a flying leap. First Class snob. IMO

  4. She chose to have a million of ’em, not the rest of us. This is what happens when you force your loud, underparented brood upon others. I would gone off like a rocket in her face.

  5. The kindest thing she could do for those children is find loving homes for them, she is clearly and desperately over her head with 14 kids.

  6. I totally agree with Palermo. It is the humane thing to do.

    Failing that, a 375 degree oven, a lite butter sauce and fresh garden salad.

  7. Her own parents disowned her for what she did, having children like litters of kittens. She is completely irresponible with ALL of them every opportunity she is shown in public. That there is one of them still needing surgery for cleft palete repair a whole two years after birth just proves she cannot support or give them proper medical care. What in the holy hell would she do in a medical emergency?
    She’s close to being one of the worst mothers i have ever heard of, after Casey Anthony that is. She hasn’t started putting them in trash bags and dumping them in the local marsh yet at least. But I truly believe she is not rationally sound and has no business trying to raise even a puppy let alone any child, and 14 is insanity. The woman has shown every time she goes on TV how loopy and out of control she is. The state needs to really step in and take those kids, all 14 of them and adopt them out before they are as crazy as she is!

  8. Why is anyone remotely interested in wanting to interview her since she does not send any positive message. She comes across as unstable with those creepy eyes. A left over hippy still high on that good ol’ Woodstock LSD. Maybe next time she should FedEx the kids.

  9. This woman is clearly mentally ill. What was she expecting when she chose to have 14 kids with no man to help out? And the truly scary thing is that Nadya has a degree in psychology!!! Good grief, how can she counsel anyone else when she can’t control her own kids? As for cleft palates, that is common in fetal alcohol syndrome. Kristen Johnson is 100% correct, why should other customers have to listen to this horrible noise? They have rights too.

  10. Janet: THANK YOU. I am so sick of obnoxious parents who refuse to control their own children, and then freak out when others step in. It’s completely out of control.

  11. She has 14 children, but only took 12 to the Today Show? Where were the other 2?

  12. Not only was Kristen Steward correct in her actions/words to this dangerous narcissist we call Octomom….I salute her for her bravery. Because to love a child is to see that a decent, caring mother would not haul all those children across the country on an airplane without individual help and assistance for them. That is irrational/delusional thinking. And she is rearing these innocent kids alone, or that is what she says. It is a tragedy. Thank you Kristen Johnson. You Rock.

  13. @Palermo

    I have to agree with you. Those little children deserve better. That many children is too much for any one person to have to take care of…..I consider it child abuse simply because she couldn’t possibly take care of all of their needs.



    You’ve got a sick sick mind. LOL You fit in here very well. LOL 🙂

    @She’s sick in the head

    Yes. I think that in this situation the courts should intervene and place the kids in loving homes. She needs at least three or four people helping her.


    I like Kristen Johnston but I disagree with her actions. Little children…..especially small crying children can be annoying and overwhelming to other passengers. However, in this situation little can be done. The mom should have brought help but didn’t.

    I think Nadya Suleman has a mental disorder that needs to be addressed. I am not saying she is crazy (even though she has clearly done some crazy stuff). She doesn’t seem to understand or comprehend “consequences”. She needs help and her children need a home that can spend more one on one time with them.

  14. “Honesty” is also a HUGE problem dealing with her, folks!!

  15. I agree with Spacelamb. Parents who let their kids disturb everyone around them are my #1 pet peeve. They may think their kids are cute, but everyone else has other thoughts in mind!

  16. Well, why didn’t Kristen offer to help Nadya? Why did some people come out and offer to play and entertain these children in the news studio.. I saw one woman playing with a boy, but no more.. of course they are going to run riot.. so give them two or three years and we have more understanding and maturity. Why are you so rude to the mother and children, when it is obvious all just want to blame her and the kids for being alive, hum? The children are healthy and active.. and need a lot of hugs, love and support from all of humanity.. all the kids are at the terrible two stages? Can you imagine? Poor mom.

  17. To deecee: you make an empassioned speech for compassion. I’m quite sure this horrific excuse for a mother does receive lots of compassion where ever she takes this children. People do love and support children. They are absolutely precious and also vunerable. This mother is charged with those children’s safety and protection: in every sense that an adult can bring to that enormous job. Octomom is failing on all accounts. Dysfunction doesn’t mature out of itself. It engrains and worsens without corrective protective action and then redirection and nurturing. This won’t happen under these conditions.

  18. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind here that this woman is mentally ill. Hide the duct tape on her!
    A slow motion train wreck. I have met French Canadian girls whom exude this sort of inbred, genetic, malfunctioning.
    I wonder if she has a sort of deluded Partridge Family showbiz plan for her brood?
    @Robin-Bernaise sauce for dipping, lol.
    Nadya! Keep a nice melange of machines in the bedside table. You will never suck even the nuttiest and most desperate of men into your bedroom.

  19. Lucky little mother have many children to love and spend her life with and yes every one is paying attention to a woman who really love her children and she is on top of the world and never has to be alone again and I like the fact she has massive amount of children and company for the next 18 years.

  20. My reality show pitch would combine OCTOMOM and her brood of 14—with new nanny (terribly sweet, bu absolutely clueless) ANGELYNE. Put them on a GREEN ACRES-type ranchette somewhere in the Valley.

    PRINCE VON ANHALT as the quirky neighbor who drops in for coffee and assorted hijinks.

  21. @Mona Garrett,

    Of course the crazy Prince would swear the kids were his and he would be trying to wear some Angelyne’s clothes! lol

    Heck, I’d watch it!

  22. Oh, and during ratings sweeps, that Duggard woman—with the clown-car reproductive system—and her tribe of 30(?) can pay a visit to offer parenting advice and help with the chores.

    Expect VERY HEAVY sexual tension between Mr. Duggard and Octomom; Mr. Duggard and Angelyne; Mr. Duggard and Bessie the cow, etc.

  23. @Mona Garrett,

    Of course, then there would be major jealously between Octomom and Bessie the cow and Angelyne and Bessie the cow. Maybe even some nudity on the part of Bessie. ???

  24. I can’t remember which,but I saw l ofthe morning shows interview a lawyer about this situation. He said there was no way any of the kids could be forcibly taken away, even though he and the entire world agree that she is nuts. Only if they show signs of undernourishment or unexplainable bruises on them could the DCS step in and do something. I think she still has two ladies to come in and help at times; Lord knows how she is paying them.

  25. It’s disturbing to me that a woman with no job and no man can have 14 kids and dump the responsibility on the state while shopping for cosmetics at Sephora. WTF is wrong with this woman? She must be crazy or an extreme narcissist because why else would someone want so many goddam kids? And did you all hear that interview she did with some magazine where she said she HATED her kids???? OMG….

    I predict that most of her kids end up on a psychiatrist’s couch.

  26. I think Kristen Johnson was the one who was totally inappropriate. A parent with one child can’t stop him from crying on a plane. How can anyone expect a mother to stop eight babies from crying. I’m sure Nadya was doing everything humanly possible. No one wants to disturb everyone else around them. But children will behave like children and there isn’t much you can do about it. Instead of having a hissy fit, Kristen could have given a helping hand?

  27. Cut Duggard Dude some slack. He probably just wants to touch the sides for once in his life.

  28. Octomom never has her kids under control except the oldest who is on mommy duty. Octomom does nothing substantive with her children, they just howl, fight, and scream. On the plane it was buisness as usual.

  29. I think Octomom should count her lucky stars each and every day that she still has the title of mom at all. Through her own exhaustive mental health issue (extreme narcissism—need for fame) she has CREATED lives that are precious and deserve sanity in their rearing. In the most developed country in the world, she allows us to watch HER disintegrate before our very eyes…..and we are to sit back and allow this for her children. California Child Protective Services is a disgrace to allow this. The children would be better in other homes….and it pains me greatly to say that. I hate when a mother’s love is not in any way evident. But it is so in this woman’s case. Pity those precious children.

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