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The Cruises celebrated the 4th of July in Telluride and Connor,13, came along for a walk through town. Connor has quite a handsome face, don’t you think?

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  1. Tom, those low-rise jeans were not intended for your child-bearing hips.

  2. Poor kid he seems so out of place why don’t celebrities let these kids go to a family of their own culture, they only do it so everyone will know how wonderful they are and not racist.

  3. Katie is so white, does Tom keep her locked in the mansion? Oh no, I think I read she undergoes several hours of Thetan cleansing in the Scientology Centre every day. Suri looks white and scrawny, too. I read she is undergoing very strange rituals too, made just for little kids, whereby she drinks special formula. King Tom has ruined all his family. Connor and Bella have been make to partake in Scientology for years.


  5. This child has been brainwashed since birth by the Church but haven’t we all??

  6. Why does he have a death grip on that child? She always looks like she’s trying to escape. I don’t think it will be too long before Connor towers over his tiny dad.

  7. Another 6 months to one year and Connor will be 4 to 5 inches taller than tiny Tommy. Hey, can’t Scientology come up with a growth hormone from Xena and their special planet. The CruiseMaster wants to be at least 4 inches taller, and money is no object.

  8. Suri looks malnourished. I read that Scientology requires kids up to about 3 or 4 years old to drink a special ‘cleansing’ barley/wheat formula, mixed in with only a little milk. It is supposed to be the beginning of ‘cleansing sessions’ to start them out young. Real doctors have documented this and have said they are not getting enough vitamins and minerals. (Just look at how tiny her legs are).
    I could never stand Cruise.

  9. They have gone to seed, appear unhealthy and look like bums fashion wise! I have seen Wal-mart shoppers present a more put together elegant outfit for fishing, so what gives with the shopped blindfolded in salvation army dumpster look? haha! Cut that child’s hair or at least get it out from her eyes.. What are they suddenly poor and handicapped without mirrors?

  10. EVIL! That’s what Tiny Tom and his cult are. They are killing Katie. The woman looks like her own corpse. Nobody believes this charade of a happy family. Tom, the time is drawing near when the whole truth about you and your cult will be revealed.

  11. 12:49 PM is entirely correct. If everyone would G.O.O.G.L.E. Scientology and R.E.A.D. about the demonic evils they stand for, that would be so great. I actually feel sorry for Tom and family, because they are so thoroughly brain-washed. Looks like Nicole have abandoned those two kids to the SCI demons, and the sad thing is she KNEW this cult was super-evil.

  12. Suri seems to somehow look more FRAGILE than previous pics. She also looks thinner. I think I agree with 6:13 AM (Generation X). I have read that same article (can’t remember where). The Scientologists are strange beyond belief, and they will stop at nothing to brainwash even the smallest kids.

  13. Yep – nothing special about this picture.
    Tom Cruise is an idiot. The fact that he forces the ridiculous Scientology upon his family is gruesome.
    Look at his wife. In almost every picture – she looks like a Stepford Wife.
    I bet Nicole is thrilled to be away from that crap – but he is still poisoning those kids.
    Someone should take those kids from him. He’s not right. In a big way, he’s not right.

  14. Isn’t Chris Klein Suri’s daddy? She sure looks like him. Poor Katie was blinded by $$$ signs and fell for Tom’s big teeth and his horsesh!t. Hopefully she’ll realize soon that money can’t buy a normal life.

  15. All these Scientology critics make me laugh.
    If you are a Christian you have been subjected to the biggest brain wash of all time.
    There is no real evidence that Jesus ‘the magic trick guy’ ever existed other than some scriptures written hundreds of years after his death.
    Yet many still believe this trickster can turn water into wine, wilt bushes by staring at them and can even walk on water!! You have been brain washed by the Apostate Church, the great whre of Babylon!

  16. >>Poor kid he seems so out of place why don’t celebrities let these kids go to a family of their own culture, they only do it so everyone will know how wonderful they are and not racist.

  17. The Black kid looks gay he is not the creeps blood son poor kid he would do better being raised by Brad and Angie!

  18. 8:08 PM: So you’re saying that L. Ron Hubbard is the Messiah? You are 100% wrong in what you wrote; please get John Hagee to counsel you one on one, for as long as it takes.

  19. Okay for once I actually dont have the heart so say anything negative, they look like they are having a nice family weekend, leave them alone

  20. What a handsome young man. Let’s hope he will be able to spend more time with his mother now that she had that new baby.

  21. Conner does look like Tom. Tom always had all of his kids in his arms, holding them, kissing them, but I never really saw a picture of Nicole dotting on her kids. As much as I really am not a Tom fan he loves all his kids very much.

  22. Nicole doesn’t have her kids because that was the deal. The cult would only let her leave alive if she gave them up. That was the price she paid to get out. She is terrified to tell what she knows about them, and it is also likely that the children have been threatened if she ever speaks out or tries to get custody of them.

  23. John Hagee’s stock broker: you’re not even worthy to use John Hagee’s name as for Jesus being magic he’s more than magic he’s GOD and he’s AWESOME he still heals today because he did it for me. One day you’re going to have to answer to him as to why you made fun of him I PROMISE you that.

  24. Connor is such a handsome young man. He is going to be a heartbreaker when he is older. Too bad the kids have been brainwashed since birth.
    P.S. Anonymous,
    “Poor kid he seems so out of place why don’t celebrities let these kids go to a family of their own culture, they only do it so everyone will know how wonderful they are and not racist.”
    …Seems to me you are the only one that is racist to think that a child can only be raised by a family of the same color. Segregation belongs back in the 60’s and you are welcome to beam yourself back there. Racism will not end until we all become color blind.

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