Did Danny Bonaduce see it coming? Ratings are way up on Adam Carolla’s 106.9 morning show (he has successfully replaced Howard Stern) but his sidekick Danny was unceremoniously dumped for the new year. Apparently Adam was forced to take “sick days” before Christmas to let his bosses know he meant business about getting rid of Danny. The panic in Danny’s voice when he spoke on the air about Adam being home “sick” indicated something was amiss. For the past year Adam’s fans have been tortured by Danny’s steroid fueled “ME! ME! ME! personality on the air. Not only did he interrupt Adam’s smart and entertaining moments, he wouldn’t let guests talk about themselves! Nobody could get a word in edgewise while macho Danny raved on and on about his drinking, smoking, fighting, and sexual conquests. Listeners wanted to smack their radios. You could just picture Adam straining to hold his temper at times. Finally, it’s over. Lucky Danny will have his own afternoon one hour show and we recommend that he cut back on the “supplements.”

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  1. I seen him on chelsey handler’s he was very abrasive i don’t care too much for the guy.

  2. I seen him on chelsey handler’s he was very abrasive i don’t care too much for the guy.

  3. i like danny but he really has to De-roid. he’s gonna kill himself.

  4. My mom always said natural orange/red heads have a violent, sometimes uncontrollable, temper. Nuff said.

  5. Yes he’s a big mess. He’s always been a mess. He’ll always be a mess. Some how when he gets one last lucky chance after another he manages to F it all up. What a mess.

  6. Please – at least spell my name right. Don’t I have enough trouble without having to correct spelling?

  7. Janet, you forgot to draw a vertical squiggly line between Adam & Danny on the picture above.

  8. Adam had to agree to a two year extension and take a pay cut to get rid of Danny. T is the most talented woman in radio currently. It should be a much better show without Danny.

  9. I’m so thrilled to hear this news. I like the Adam Carolla show but I would get so annoyed with Danny that I’d have to change the channel. No matter what they were talking about or who the guest was, he’d jump in and somehow make it all about HIM. Like every two minutes! It was making the show unlistenable. He’s definitely one of the most narcissistic people I’ve ever observed.

  10. Danny was the only thing worth listening to on the program. The show will lose ratings immediately with Danny gone.

  11. ^ Awright, Danny’s Mom:
    You may step away from the keyboard now and resume your knitting.

  12. I thought the show was boring without him. He’s achingly honest and people could’t get enough of his reality show.

  13. I am so glad he is gone. whenever Adam had a story, Danny would always jump in and interrupt. He is a train wreck and made it hard to stick with the show. He was awful on the show when Adam was “sick”

  14. Danny, podcast a show of your own and become an even larger celebrity.
    All very do able as you friends at that radio station will often talk about how productive your podcasts are doing. Plus, get a mobile home and tour about the country, much like how Pete Townsend and Rachelle Hunter are doing over in the UK.
    intheattic/btpodshow dot com

  15. Danny Bonadouche is hard to take! Steroids are deadly on your personality, I once rented an apartment to a tenant with a rather puny body, a few months later he started on steroids! Wow! What a transformation! He became much bigger but also very aggressive, refused to pay the rent, even tore the front door off its hinges and left it in the dumpster. Those steroids were really having an effect! Finally, I went to talk to the two biggest prison guards in the area, and paid them to toss this guy out! Armed with the eviction notice, they stormed in, what a fracas! Out he went, needles, vials, everything! Whenever I see Danny, I’m reminded of my former tenant, he’s really big enough now, its time to switch to Wheaties!

  16. I loved him on air. I probably won’t listen now. He made the show interesting.

  17. Finally he is out of there. I mean how can anyone enjoy the morning with that bio filled scraggled voice? Also there is nothing worse than a one upper butinsky. The dynamics of Adam and Danny are so different it’s amazing it lasted this long.

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