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Last summer rumors were flying on both coasts that Debra Messing was expecting for the second time. Photographs, like this one from July, only reinforced the rumors. That model-skinny look from Will & Grace seemed gone forever. But it turns out, there’s no baby in the oven. She’s not pregnant, she’s just eating too much of her favorite food pepperoni pizza. Debra finished filming The Women and has been seen regularly at the Equinox gym in Westwood working up a vigorous sweat on the stairmaster.

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  1. she still looks skinny! and more beautiful than before….
    janet – are you on glue?

  2. Who like this woman and cares whether she is with child? She is finished in Hollywood due to her age. She did that Woody Allen film many years ago and based on that performance was black listed in the Industry. Can we get some stories about current events please?

  3. Part of Hollywood’s “jewish mafia”. Debra Messing was born in the New York City borough of Queens, the daughter of Jewish American parents Sandra (n

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  5. The Titless Wonder. Tip: Buy some; many out there for sale in Silicon City.

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  7. this is not gossip janet. plus, why has the arab/israeli conflict taken over janet’s website? anybody??

  8. She looks great. When she was on Will & Grace she looked anorexic. At times it was hard to look at her very bony chest. I hope she doesn’t pay any attention to the garbage about losing weight.

  9. I’m confused. what’s the point of this piece? is is that she got fat? becuase she doesn’t look it. So what’s the point? is there a story?
    as for the arab/israeli conflict, it’s probably the same person yapping back and forth trying to get others talking about it. Don’t acknlowedge it, there’s plenty of websites out there that are more appropriate for it.

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  11. She looks great and I miss her in “Will & Grace”, one of the most sophisticated sitcoms ever. Masel, Debra.

  12. Yeah, for once Debra Messing looks healthy and not emmaciated, and you are criticizing her, Janet? Those coked-up waifs in Hollywood look sick; a little meat on her bones has her looking good!

  13. she’s a new mom and allowed to carry a few extra pounds for a minute.
    and she was too thin on w&g.


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