Matthew Perry, 53, hasn’t worked for at least the last five years, and every time we’ve seen photos of him they were far from flattering. He looked unshaven and sometimes unkempt in pajama-like clothing. It’s common knowledge that he’s been struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, but maybe now he’s finally gotten a grip on it. While he wasn’t acting, he was actually writing a book, and that’s a GOOD thing. He finally finished his memoir called Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing – coming out Nov 1. He talks about his “lost love,” (who could that be?) his darkest days, and behind-the-scenes Friends stories – with plenty of humor. Sounds like a best seller…

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Wendy Williams needs help. It’s obvious that she has no people around her capable of helping her pull her life together. Wendy’s most recent embarrassment happened at the Louis Vuitton store in Soho. According to a NY website Gossip of the City Tea, Wendy was photographed “sleeping” on a bed in the store display window with a big glass of champagne by her side. As observers gathered, looking in the window, it appeared that she sat bolt upright and looked startled when store security approached and they had a conversation. Since her TV show was canceled, Wendy has been spiraling downward. She blames her bizarre behavior on health problems as well as her addiction to alcohol and drugs. Rehab didn’t help – what Wendy needs is hardcore professional guidance – and a true friend.

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On paper, Ben Affleck looks like a great catch. He’s tall, dark, handsome, and smart, and has a successful career as an award-winning actor and director. Certainly he has attracted his share of equally attractive and successful women. But all is not as it appears. Ben has had a drinking problem for quite awhile that called for several visits to rehab. At times he can be surly and moody. What’s more, Ben is addicted to gambling in excess and has never totally been able to give THAT up, despite financial repercussions. Jennifer Garner has endured all of his addictions and we have to give her credit for never complaining. And she is trying to make the most of their co-parenting. Ben did ONE thing right – he married Jennifer. (Above, Ben, looking a bit puffy, took Seraphina to karate class.)

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Khloe Kardashian works her Perfect Curves in White Jersey Dress

We can’t believe ANYONE would criticize Khloe Kardashian for abandoning her addicted and estranged husband Lamar Odom after his recent drunk and vomiting debacle on an airplane. For once, we’re on HER side. Odom has had more chances than he deserves. After his near-fatal overdose in a brothel, Khloe stayed married to him simply so he could use HER medical insurance to slowly recover. NOT because she hoped to reconcile. She even leased him a house after he left the hospital. As soon as he started drinking/using again, she cut him off and reinstated the divorce. She did all the right things and he did all the WRONG things. It’s time for this pathetic-excuse-for-a-man to help himself.

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Is there ANYTHING Charlie Sheen hasn’t been addicted to? First it was BOOZE, and DRUGS, including heroin and crack, then it was SEX with hookers on call at all hours. And don’t forget, when he was high he liked to go SHOPPING and blow tons of money on frivolities. He’s also been accused of being addicted to ONLINE sex and admits his addiction to online GAMBLING. His addictions contributed to the domestic violence that got him arrested for roughing up his wife in Aspen. Charlie’s lawyer had a sweet deal set up whereby Charlie would only serve 30 days in jail and be able to leave jail for up to 12 hours a day and work at a local community theater, coaching aspiring actors. But the deal fell through because they don’t allow smoking at the theater and Charlie is addicted to his NICOTINE habit. So the court date is postponed until July 12 and the new deal might interfere with the “Two and a Half Men” shooting schedule. It’s amazing but Charlie’s self indulgences seem not to affect his popularity or that of his show. He’s teflon. No matter WHAT he does, everybody loves Charlie.