Is there ANYTHING Charlie Sheen hasn’t been addicted to? First it was BOOZE, and DRUGS, including heroin and crack, then it was SEX with hookers on call at all hours. And don’t forget, when he was high he liked to go SHOPPING and blow tons of money on frivolities. He’s also been accused of being addicted to ONLINE sex and admits his addiction to online GAMBLING. His addictions contributed to the domestic violence that got him arrested for roughing up his wife in Aspen. Charlie’s lawyer had a sweet deal set up whereby Charlie would only serve 30 days in jail and be able to leave jail for up to 12 hours a day and work at a local community theater, coaching aspiring actors. But the deal fell through because they don’t allow smoking at the theater and Charlie is addicted to his NICOTINE habit. So the court date is postponed until July 12 and the new deal might interfere with the “Two and a Half Men” shooting schedule. It’s amazing but Charlie’s self indulgences seem not to affect his popularity or that of his show. He’s teflon. No matter WHAT he does, everybody loves Charlie.


  1. Can’t STAND him. Hope he drinks himself into an alcoholic stupor and falls on his back with a huge fat stogie in his mouth and chokes to death on the stinky thing. Maybe THAT would shut him UP!!!

  2. Thanks for this comment, Reta. *I* don’t love him either! I used to enjoy Two and a Half Men until I realized that it’s basically the same plot (except for the season w/ RJ Wagner and Jenny McCarthy — priceless)… and I certainly wouldn’t want my 12-year-old daughter taking community theatre classes taught by him! Given his past behavior/abuse around women, he should get a minimum of 3 years at the prison up in Bakersfield — no air conditioning. Too bad Brooke couldn’t see past the $$$ and help put this sleazeball where he belongs.

  3. Actually Janet, I don’t think Charlie Sheen has ever been addicted to sobriety.

  4. He’s beyond gross. I truly wish that he would get in a fiery car crash and take Lindsey Lohan with him.

  5. who the fuck is errol flynn.
    ………A MULE, folks?

  6. Reta. always remember your own advice:
    “his private life is none of our business. All you Bible thumpers should follow your own book’s advice about “judge not lest ye be judged”. Sound familiar??? How about “Let he who is without sin throw the first stone”.”

    Your condemnation is a little harsh for one with such a forgiving heart of Morgan Freeman, a man who slept with his 16 year old granddaughter.

  7. I have never been a fan. I had problem when he dropped his Mexican surname.

  8. His nose appears to be getting longer, just like Pinocchio’s nose when he told a lie.

  9. Charlie Sheen is a disgrace. He should never be allowed around children, let alone as a coach/teacher. What is he doing to teach them? How to be addicted and abusive? His one note acting is beyond stale.

  10. pusssykatt: you have a point there, however I don’t know anything about Morgan’s SEX life and don’t condem him for it. Neither do I condem Charlie for HIS. What I DO condem him for is his alcoholism, his abuse of women, his drug abuse when he has 4 children he brought into the world to raise and instill with the ability to tell the difference between right and wrong. Charlie apparently chooses WRONG on so many levels and at every opportunity and is personally screwing his children out of the best potential futures they might have had being HIS children. THAT’S why I can’t stand him, and hopefully, like I said he will choke to death on his nasty ass stokie while drunk on a bender and be gone while the kids are all still very young, and before he can do too much permanent damage to them. But this is only coming from the daughter of a raging alcoholic who smoked stogies too, so it’s not like I have any experience or anything or would KNOW what those kids have coming in later years…and what’s YOUR excuse!

  11. I dislike him we agree on that. However, I don’t have to be a victim of having a step-anything seducing me as a young girl to think it’s wrong. And to understand the concept of gossip, and that is what this site is based on…celebrity gossip, you have to understand that anything is open season on a celebrity, especially when they do something that is regarded by the public as distasteful. I think the fact that Morgan’s wife divorced him and sited the affair as part of the reason why is enough to satisfy the gossip aspect. And since this is a gossip site, I don’t think anyone can determine what part of a celebrity’s personal life if open for gossip.

    Again, I agree with you about Charlie, but reserve the right to discuss other celebrities as well…as well as anything they do that comes to out about them. I’ve learned long ago to not mistake an actor’s role with the real person….it’s seldom the case, and as I said, playing God doesn’t make him God-like.

  12. pusssykatt: great response, love it! Nor do I now or have I ever thought or stated that Morgan is “God-like”. I said I enjoyed the two movies he played Go in (comedies) that were indeed funny as well as having very good meaning behind them. I think he’s a great actor, that’s all, I don’t KNOW anything about his private SEXUAL life, therefore can’t judge it. I suppose, if as people on here have said, that he is involved and/or going to now marry this step-granddaughter there must be some VERY strange and complicated facts to it (that I don’t know). I DO know that the female is now well of age and therefore able to make her own decisions as to her future. Personally I believe her to be a golddigger and smart enough to have set her sights on Morgan Freeman early on. There IS such a thing as a teenager smart enough to figure it all out and go for it, which is what I think happened in this situation. Not to say that makes it okay.

  13. Didn’t Denise Richards say she caught him looking at gay porn online more than once?

  14. I’ve always wondered why he’s teflon – I guess he’s always had the bad-boy image and so it works for him with the public. They don’t seem to care that he keeps getting caught cause he’s so charming and funny on talk shows. Its too bad he’s brought 4 kids into the picture who are having to deal with him. I wonder what will finally take him down, tho. Scandal doesn’t seem to touch him. It’ll be interesting to see what happens. He’s only 46…

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